Brenda Arroyo

(6/10/1992 / Modesto CA)

Poems of Brenda Arroyo

1. a seeming less heart 10/23/2009
2. Breathing Out 3/15/2010
3. Crescendo 3/10/2010
4. Fade Away 6/27/2009
5. Faithful Companion 3/11/2010
6. I am not a bird; 3/16/2010
7. Love Like Stone 6/27/2009
8. On my way out 10/23/2009
9. something to remember 10/23/2009
10. Sometime in May, 3/10/2010
11. tender pulse: 10/23/2009
12. The stone beneath my skin melts, 10/25/2009
13. Tomorrow dried in the hopes of reaching yesterday. 6/27/2009
14. We're still in March 3/11/2010

On my way out

Sometimes the moon shatters across a glossy horizon...
I stumble aimlessly and fall aimlessly...
Losing my sanity, baring my nude flesh to society, exposing my skin for all to see.
But none can see at all...
For light is none and I am down on the ground, clinging onto my red streaked faith that pours out of my battered chest.

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