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Christina Byrd Poems

1. You And Me And The Moon 3/29/2013
2. Won'T Be Here 6/6/2013
3. Why? 3/31/2013
4. Who Can I Trust? 4/3/2013
5. Where The Time Went 3/28/2013
6. When I'M Asleep Ft. Alex Byrd 4/24/2013
7. What's In A Day? 8/3/2013
8. What Is Truth 3/26/2013
9. What Am I? 5/11/2013
10. Time To Rise 4/5/2013
11. Through A Lense 4/16/2013
12. The Trips That Led To The Fall 7/14/2013
13. The Great Friend Of Zachary G 5/29/2013
14. Sweet Longing 4/14/2013
15. Summer's End 8/21/2013
16. Staring 5/2/2013
17. Saints And Angels 4/11/2013
18. Promises 5/24/2013
19. No Not Again 6/27/2013
20. My Thoughts 7/25/2013
21. My Own Worse Critic 5/27/2013
22. My New Paradise 4/8/2013
23. Kyle's Song 3/30/2013
24. Jaden 12/4/2013
25. It's Not New 4/15/2013
26. It's A Disease 4/10/2013
27. I'M Sorry. 7/29/2013
28. I Thought I Had It All 7/23/2013
29. Haiku On Break 3/27/2013
30. Do We... 5/26/2013
31. Dead Nerves 4/20/2013
32. Daddy's Girl 6/16/2013
33. Crack Of Thunder 4/9/2013
34. Could It Be? 4/13/2013
35. Can'T Be Explained 6/4/2013
Best Poem of Christina Byrd

It's A Disease

It spreads
It takes all of your energy
It can be seen in drastic amounts
So what is it?
It is racism.
It is laziness
It is sexism
It is all the problems of the world that we try to hide.
Can you tell the slave boy that he cant be free?
Can you tell the families that their daughter is never coming home?
Can you or will you develop any courage to take a stand?
So why is it?
It is racism
It is laziness
It is sexism
Lets be the doctors and cure the world.
Or can you turn around and block it all out?
Face it.
Thus it will be the future

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You And Me And The Moon

The only stars I see tonight are your eyes
and the only moon I see is the one shining down on us
Its rays amplify our instant connection
Its beauty gives us hope
Hope in love and hope in each other
The moon will represent our being together

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