Elena Plotkin

Elena Plotkin Poems

41. Orange 12/11/2013
42. Please No More 7/12/2013
43. Response To 'I'M Going On Military Leave' 2/21/2014
44. Retirement 5/12/2014
45. Revenge And Spite 8/2/2013
46. Sorrow 2/21/2014
47. Step Back 8/14/2013
48. Sugar Man 3/5/2014
49. The Best Mother In The World 5/9/2014
50. The City's Homeless 7/14/2013
51. The Look On Your Face Says It All 8/13/2014
52. The Old Age Creak 1/21/2014
53. The Only Two People In The World 8/17/2013
54. The Only Two People In The World (Male Version) 3/4/2014
55. The Truth Behind The Fairy Tale Rapunzel 7/18/2013
56. The Truth Behind The Fairy Tale Beauty & The Beast 7/18/2013
57. The Truth Behind The Fairy Tale Sleeping Beauty 7/18/2013
58. The Truth Behind The Fairy Tale Snow White 7/18/2013
59. The Visitor 8/17/2013
60. The Wolf At The Door 8/27/2013
61. There Will Always Be A Place For You At My Table 8/16/2013
62. They Told Me To Laugh When I Was Crying 2/12/2015
63. Tiger, Tiger (Not Kipling) 2/21/2014
64. Time Is A Runner 7/8/2013
65. To Be 6/11/2013
66. To Err Is Human 9/8/2014
67. To The Teacher 11/22/2013
68. To The Womanizer 12/5/2013
69. Too Young To Know 7/21/2013
70. Truly Repentant 2/21/2014
71. Vegan 6/4/2013
72. Welcome To My Perfume Parlour 12/5/2013
73. What A Way To Go! 7/23/2014
74. What Hell Is This? 6/24/2013
75. When Looks Can Kill 9/25/2014
76. Who Will 12/31/2013
77. Why Is The Ocean So Salty? 8/14/2013
78. Writers Of Yore 8/27/2013
79. You'Re Lucky You Got What You Got! 2/12/2015
Best Poem of Elena Plotkin


I grew up with a bunch of others,
Just me with my sisters and brothers.
When I was younger, I was green and tough,
But as I grew older, I discovered life could be rough.
I changed and grew softer, some called me yellow.
But I was no coward, just a very cautious fellow.
Because where I come from you never know the day,
That your whole family gets eaten or just carted away.

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Troubles come in bunches
But I am not one to ever gripe,
Of course hanging around in the trenches,
One can’t avoid hearing a lot of tripe.
Everyone seems sour about something,
But I say 'good news can travel a vine just as fast.
A change in attitude can be the start of everything,
And watch the good stories and times that'll be amassed.'
For really, it is our outlook on life that makes us so heavy,

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