Florida Angel

Rookie (Spring / Rio 40 Graus..Cidade Maravilha...Delray Beach)

Florida Angel Poems

1. Talk With My Heart...Call Me Karina! I'M Here As A Friend! 6/24/2007
2. Open Sky 6/24/2007
3. Hunting Memories 6/24/2007
4. Don'T Get Old... 6/24/2007
5. In Delray Beach I Found The Best Hidden Real Estate 6/25/2007
6. Shall We Dance? The Song Plays Here 6/25/2007
7. Sky's Touch God's Blessings...American Love! 6/27/2007
8. My Two Rings 6/30/2007
9. W H Y? 7/1/2007
10. My First Year... 7/1/2007
11. Sheltered Girl * Go Ahead Tag Me! 7/1/2007
12. Gata Miada 7/1/2007
13. My New Friend Chris, In France He Is 7/2/2007
14. Somewhere Out High, In The Sky Full Of Lights... 7/5/2007
15. To You My Lord I Pray 7/11/2007
16. Taking You Away 7/12/2007
17. Buraco Vazio 7/12/2007
18. Lagrimas Vermelhas 7/12/2007
19. The Last Time He Called 7/13/2007
20. Forever Grounded, Into His Full Control 7/13/2007
21. Cover Page 7/15/2007
22. Sweet Addiction Of Mine 7/17/2007
23. Play Game 7/19/2007
24. Perfect Sculpture 7/19/2007
25. The Golden Touch 7/19/2007
26. Three Months Before Almost A Decade Over My Quarter Of Life 7/19/2007
27. Will Power 7/19/2007
28. The Key To The Matters 7/20/2007
29. Peace Of God's Pray 7/20/2007
30. The Queen Of The Desert 7/21/2007
31. Boca Raton Florida Usa 7/22/2007
32. Ms. Super Famous: A Kiss And A Smile Please! 7/26/2007
33. Memories, Wounds Or Fantasy 7/26/2007
34. With And Without 7/26/2007
35. This Very Moment 7/26/2007
36. Eagle Seduction 7/26/2007
37. The Law Of Attraction A Secret Revealed 7/28/2007
38. Pope Ii - Unconditional Love 7/29/2007
39. On My Pathway The Most Handsome Cowboy 7/30/2007
40. What Is It? 7/31/2007
Best Poem of Florida Angel

…. T E R C E S…. E H T ….

From thousand miles away my mother’s voice on the other line
Excited about something really amazing: “THE SECRET”
- My daughter you must read it, you must see it! It is Amazing!

Happy I was to hear her voice, happy and renewed.
“THE SECRET” my eyes caught over my shelf…They say Art is a recreation,
So there I kept for motivation, as for “THE SECRET” was long before my inspiration.

There she was, my mom so glad, and me too, for her. So I asked, what is it mom, that you want?
- “A Million Dollars for you my daughter”… Tired I was, as for hours awake searching for ...

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A Message From A Poet...

'Listen to your heart, let it loose and write...'
And so I try...And suddenly emptiness results;
My heart...So big and warm, but weak and hurt:
Oh heart of mine, tell your secrets to the world!

Don't be afraid, no pain would stronger be
Than what you've survived...
But there it goes my heart on hide...
Here inside, known to be found,

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