Gloria Seseng

(1977 November 18 / NW South Africa)

Poems of Gloria Seseng

1. ...the world is too much with us! 5/19/2010
2. A little red rose state 5/19/2010
3. A mocking fowl 12/12/2010
4. A ribbon of hearts 12/12/2010
5. Africa a birth place... 12/12/2010
6. Ageless 12/12/2010
7. Alone 8/23/2010
8. Every dawn rests in place 11/23/2010
9. Evil deeds solidly appear in torso 5/19/2010
10. Flashback! Escape from Egypt 5/28/2010
11. Gravity of our situation 5/19/2010
12. I had spoken once 5/19/2010
13. I think you know…! 6/11/2010
14. Mad in pursuit 8/23/2010
15. My People 8/23/2010
16. Natural Rest 5/19/2010
17. Nightlife blues of Geneses 7/2/2010
18. On a silent slice of freedom 7/2/2010
19. Origin of space to get here 5/19/2010
20. Out of your depth 5/27/2010

I had spoken once

Awaken the concision of a child’s unhealthy mind,
With a violin whispering unto creativity beyond
Had hoped in the wake of! to make me an amazing army assembly!
All stood there without resonance, but swollen with grand thought!
The stare within, kept the well of numerous tears back
A restless pulse of the soul beating up the night!
Upset for the mind had lost its remarkable sight!
Bundles of what I have seen to know!
A harsh flock of words agitation!

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