Gloria Seseng

Rookie (1977 November 18 / NW South Africa)

Gloria Seseng Poems

1. I Had Spoken Once 5/19/2010
2. Out Of Your Depth 5/27/2010
3. Flashback! Escape From Egypt 5/28/2010
4. I Think You Know…! 6/11/2010
5. On A Silent Slice Of Freedom 7/2/2010
6. Nightlife Blues Of Geneses 7/2/2010
7. Mad In Pursuit 8/23/2010
8. We Are Here Because Of Dawn! 8/23/2010
9. Alone 8/23/2010
10. A Little Red Rose State 5/19/2010
11. Gravity Of Our Situation 5/19/2010
12. Natural Rest 5/19/2010
13. Evil Deeds Solidly Appear In Torso 5/19/2010
14. Origin Of Space To Get Here 5/19/2010
15. Something Love 8/23/2010
16. Every Dawn Rests In Place 11/23/2010
17. A Ribbon Of Hearts 12/12/2010
18. Africa A Birth Place... 12/12/2010
19. Ageless 12/12/2010
20. A Mocking Fowl 12/12/2010
21. Resting On Beauty 2/7/2011
22. My People 8/23/2010
23. ...The World Is Too Much With Us! 5/19/2010
Best Poem of Gloria Seseng

...The World Is Too Much With Us!

A circuit that caters for all,
Wrapped in; ready for a banquet!
10 gallons of time served,
smiles at your persistent foolishness!
Pursue to acquire,
for their appreciation!
Lord please take me to a safe refuge!
The devil is now here seen,
in our long lost ghetto!
Every puppet is glue,
to those with the loot!
Rip bones from mind peace,
to make me part that’s faulty!
All sel-fish-ness!
We all fish, dead halfway the torrent!
The world is too much with us!

A ripple of decision to fight severe verdict!

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Out Of Your Depth

Look… through the windowpane!
All in a streamline!
Sitting on top of the corporate world roof!
Differing from being on the road!

The shape of modern mental is not speaking!
Eighty percent harshly lashed to rags! ’
Throw mind concert of silver sand,

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