Julius Victorio

Rookie (15 August 1993 / North Middlesex Hospital)

Best Poem of Julius Victorio

Torn Apart

Many a year ago, there was one
And that one grew to few
And that few to many
And that many became one
And from that one, came strength

But there was one who left
Betrayed by the people called one
The one people accumilated a pride
A pride that the one people could not fight or hide

And so the unity of the one people became numb
One by one, the end was to come
To those that all the people had once been one

And the one who vanished, who was first betrayed
Who was hated, murdered, then in his grave now he laid
Was the one that existed many a ...

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Word To World

I've been around the world, travelling the continents
Overlooking it's wonders, and looking to be content
Taking part in various customs, from Ramadan to Lent
Looking over the deprived, and watching their incontinence

From rich to poor, I find no more
Than glamorous rags, and endless chores
Of unfairness, disorder, and blood-stained floors
Even the famous envy those who are kept in the morgue

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