love poems

love poems Poems

1. All I want is a little love. 3/25/2010
2. The perfect guy. 5/20/2010
3. My Love 3/17/2010
4. Forced Love is not Healthy 3/22/2010
5. Come and Go 3/25/2010
6. Deceived 2/19/2010
7. My life 5/17/2010
8. Redirection 4/19/2010
9. Is this the last time? 5/21/2010
10. Here agian 6/1/2010
11. Is it easier? 4/19/2010
12. How? 3/25/2010
13. Empty. 5/17/2010
14. Sane? 3/20/2010

Come and Go

Suddenly I couldnt feel the warmth of your arms holding me anymore.
I painicked.
I felt the cold crule wind of the real world blowing me awway from you.
I reached out but it was to late.
I was alone in the dark,
Surounded by reality.
I knew you were gone for good.
My life was hard enouph as it was,
And now without you holding me up and pushing me on there was no use trying anymore.

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