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love poems

Poems of love poems

1. All I want is a little love. 3/25/2010
2. Come and Go 3/25/2010
3. Deceived 2/19/2010
4. Empty. 5/17/2010
5. Forced Love is not Healthy 3/22/2010
6. Here agian 6/1/2010
7. How? 3/25/2010
8. Is it easier? 4/19/2010
9. Is this the last time? 5/21/2010
10. My life 5/17/2010
11. My Love 3/17/2010
12. Redirection 4/19/2010
13. Sane? 3/20/2010
14. The perfect guy. 5/20/2010

My Love

When i see you my heart goees boom boom,
When we get together its like everyone else left the room,
You say that i aint going nowhere,
i think this time you realy care,
soon enough we will see,
if your realy down for me,
or if its just not ment to be,
i fell for you soo fast,
i just hope it will last,

[Hata Bildir]