Maddie 'Rae' Berry

Rookie (30/3/92 / Eastwood, Sydney)

Maddie 'Rae' Berry Poems

1. The Heart 2/11/2008
2. Why Should I? 2/11/2008
3. Reflection 2/11/2008
4. A Stunning Mystery 2/11/2008
5. Opposites 2/11/2008
6. Safety 2/11/2008
7. This Life 2/11/2008
8. Want To 2/11/2008
9. Link It Up 2/11/2008
10. I Died For My Love 2/11/2008
11. Once Upon A Lifetime 2/11/2008
12. I Will Never Show 2/9/2008
13. The Music Of You And Me 2/11/2008
14. Loving From Afar 2/11/2008
15. Walk In The Night 2/11/2008
16. Dark Beauty 2/11/2008
17. A Thing Called Love 4/18/2008
18. Fallen For The Stranger 4/18/2008
19. Hate You, Love You 4/18/2008
20. Anything More 5/16/2008
21. Could Have Been Great Together 5/16/2008
22. Never Belong 5/17/2008
23. Star Crossed Lovers 5/17/2008
24. Pretend/Love Like You Did Yesterday 6/5/2008
25. Fingers Entwine 6/5/2008
26. You Are My Lifeline 6/5/2008
27. Baby, It's Not Alright 6/25/2008
28. Erase Me From Your Memory 6/25/2008
29. Hard To Do Around You 6/25/2008
30. I Really Do Love You 6/25/2008
31. My Kind Of Guy 6/25/2008
32. Weakness For You 6/25/2008
33. What To Do 8/27/2008
34. What They Can Do 8/29/2008
35. Hate That I Love You 8/29/2008
36. Change... 9/14/2008
37. Hidden Inside 10/17/2008
38. Lie Next To You 11/19/2008
39. Heels Over Head 11/19/2008
40. I Have Written You A Opera 1/11/2009
Best Poem of Maddie 'Rae' Berry

Masks I'Ve Hidden Behind

Don't be fooled by how I act,
don't be fooled by the posterior I show.
For I have thousands of masks
though none of them are me.

I give the impression that I’m secure, upbeat
and confident.
But inside I am really insecure.

Confidence is my name and coolness is my claim
I’m the one that’s in command but don't believe my lies

Beneath me dwells who I really am,
alone in darkness and fear.
I hide this from everybody because I don't want them to know

That I instantly freeze at the thought of my weakness being exposed.
So this is why I ...

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I Will Never Show

I love him more and more each day for he is perfect in every way.
Though I’ll never show my feelings on public display,
for I don't know what I would say would he walk away?
Or say he feels the same way?

Each day, I try to run away and forget my harboured feelings for him.
For he is my weakness, that lies within me oh.
If only he could see,
he is my obsession, my world but I could never tell him so.

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