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Patricia Kelley

Rookie - 23 Points [Madam Shakespeare] (March 11 1957 / Oklahoma)

Poems of Patricia Kelley

1. All eyes are on Us 1/31/2013
2. Alzheimer's Patient 2/9/2013
3. Alzheimer's The Slow Death 2/4/2013
4. America there's a curse against our Children 1/31/2013
5. America's Brave Forgotten Four 2/12/2013
6. America's First Slaves 2/23/2013
7. America's Light is Going Out 2/15/2013
8. Baptized 2/7/2013
9. Betrayal 3/8/2013
10. Betrayed 6/12/2013
11. Beware of the Vicious Woman 2/2/2013
12. Bighearted Women 2/23/2013
13. Broken Spirit 6/18/2013
14. Brokenhearted 2/28/2013
15. Building a Story 3/6/2013
16. Bullying 2/26/2013
17. Butterfly Trapped In a Jar 2/4/2013
18. Center Stage 3/4/2013
19. Cheating Heart 2/27/2013
20. Cherry Pie 3/5/2013

Dreaming of Heaven

I often close my eyes and dream of Heaven.
I think of our lucky number seven.
The month, day and year, you were born.
Then it hits me the day you were taken, and I felt so torn.
I felt shaken and fell to the floor.
I know I would have not made it, if Jesus hadn't showed up when he did and walked through that door.
He reassured me that you were in Heaven watching over, all the little ones.
You were now with all the winners that won.
I know it's not good for me to beat myself over the head

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