Joe Rosochacki

A Baker's Dozen Plus 1 - Poem by Joe Rosochacki

There was an old lady who lived in shoe,
She had too many children and she doesn’t what to do……….
Check That!
That is fairy tale,
Nadya Suleman is for real,
What type of a woman has time for 14 children?
Where do I begin?
It’s all about what she will feel,
She is not married,
she is going to school,
She doesn’t want to get married,
she is going to grad school,
(This is a far cry from Angelina adopting two or three from every continent,)
She is not wealthy enough to supply her kids with proper things,
And of course she plans on having a reality shows or a talent
Where she and her children sings.
This puts the Brady Bunch,
the Partridge Family,
the Osmond family,
The Von Trapp family to shame.
I think the Nadya is selfish woman,
she could not be thinking about consequences,
She is only to blame.
Just herself, after all her ‘fix’ is to more children regardless what future holds.
At least there was father figure present in the above families,

Can biomedical ethics be going down the ‘proverbial’ Fallopian tube?
I think that a man having a baby,
a transsexual at 16,
Men siring at 79,
Grandma’s having babies, ----
I think that we are going to pay in time,
For these ‘unnatural’ occurrences,
but then again what do I know?
I found out today that she had three children with special needs,
Before the octuplets were born,
This confirms my thinking that she is not thinking clearly,
Even her mother is of agreement with me,

Her initial support for her daughter's choice to carry eight babies to term is apparently waning as new information reveals the unemployed serial mom was on already public assistance before giving birth two weeks ago.

Well I tried to not look at further things regarding Suleman,
I happened to view her second publicist although,
Victor Munoz,
on The Larry King Show
on CNN.
What a spin this guy took,
Munoz said some things that I found hard to believe.
He could have worked as the press agent for the White House after there no WMD’s.
But now he quits Nadya because he did not believe what he was trying to convince us.
Victor Munoz told US Weekly that 'what ultimately destroyed the business arrangement was personal reasons, ' because 'this woman is nuts”.

There is a young lady who lives in a new shoe,
She had so much children that she’s knows what she can do,
Feed of the sympathy of others,
Her extended family of unknown sisters and brothers,
Or sell her story for a million bucks or two.


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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 4, 2009

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