Regan Mackenzie

Poems of Regan Mackenzie

1. A Beautiful Boy 3/21/2011
2. A Taste Of Heaven And Hell 3/21/2011
3. Chapters 4/6/2009
4. I Cant Breathe.. 4/6/2009
5. I Finally Get It 3/21/2011
6. I Refuse 3/21/2011
7. Luck 4/6/2009
8. My Girl, My Woman 3/21/2011
9. She's A Poet 4/6/2009
10. These Lost, These Come At A Cost Women 4/6/2009
11. Trust In Pieces 4/6/2009

She's A Poet

Oh she's just so sweet with her words
So poetic and he falls for every line
Its pathetic
But she's just so sweet with her words

Every letter comes together with such ease
Every word slips from her lips just to please
She sings the sweetest song
So he only hears right when she's wrong

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