Out Of Feelings

desert sucks upper water to store in the deep
trees, plants, herbs and grasses are about to die
sunshine reflects on mirages there
mirages elude and mislead the travelers,
travelers fall in danger
laughters and howlings heard of monsters;

trees distribute all the productions, yet stand still
to shadow the tired travelers in mid summer
and for creepers or parasites do not fall

Ode To The Heart

Your journey begins on 18th or 19th day
After fertilization of eggs
You are the first organ to be formed
And function to beat and pump blood
Then your septation into separate chambers begins
Goes out in an artery comes back in a vein
This makes you unique in the body frame
You loop with other organs and realigned
You control Inflow and outflow of blood
Though, "The Boss" sits on top of you

Wind Song

The wind whistles eerily, as the storm approaches,
it gradually encroaches, taking over
like some unscrupulous military machine,
giving way to no one,
just charging along at a fierce pace,
buffeting anything that gets in the way.

It cannot turn back, not once it's committed.
The oncoming storm whips it into swirls of forceful energy,
it is uncontrollable.

The World We Created

Broken bottles everywhere with plastic bags
Charred pieces of glass with boxes and fags
Ripping out plants and tearing down trees.
Is this the beautiful environment surrounding me?

Plastic in the sea choking biodiversity with terror
Oil suffocating organisms due to human error
Waste disposed in the once beautiful ocean.
Are these all acts of our human notion?

Environment 14 - The Angry Rains And The Pink Rose

I am a little pink Rose!
I bloomed to see
This beautiful world,
To enjoy the monsoon,
The cool touch of the rains,
The sweet dew drops on my petals,
The gleaming, shining white pearls,
The magical showers of the heaven!

But Alas! When the monsoon arrived,

I Cant Stop Missing You

I can't stop missing you

Sitting in a gloomy place
Enjoying life's aloof phase
I Kindle my soul
With your love's environment
To breathe my only assignment
Every moment your presence renew
I seek far and wide for you

Shooting Pigeon

Can any one think of shooting pigeon or sparrow?
With any of the edged weapon or pointed arrow?
Would you ever think of throwing stone at house of neighbor?
Do you think it worthwhile to make futile labor?

No one attempts at anything without any purpose
Why don’t you send red stones instead of roses?
Why do we dislike displeasure and raise the eye brow with nose?
Threats must be instantly eliminated before they are likely to pose

~ Omni Pervading Mother ~

Ms. Nivedita
April 28,2010.

[Humble submission: This poem with humility consecrated to Sr. Poet Mom Almeda Knight on her 75th birth day 26th April by a wee daughter from India. From whom I received motherly care guidance and support all thro’ especially in my blue poetic days. I’m indeed a feeble poet to glorify poetically any Mom, so the fountainhead of emotion RNT I’d to bow before and owe from ~ niv]

O Dear
Universe captivating

A Drop Of A Water

(dedicated to a great poet at poemhunter, Mohammed Al-balushi)

a hard rain
dropped last night
minutes to hours
so cold so scary

a reservoir
laid above us
from nineteen thirties

Like A Scarf

The directions to the lunatic asylum were confusing,
more likely they were the random associations
and confused ramblings of a lunatic.
We arrived three hours late for lunch
and the lunatics were stacked up on their shelves,
quite neatly, I might add, giving credit where credit is due.
The orderlies were clearly very orderly, and they
should receive all the credit that is their due.
When I asked one of the doctors for a corkscrew
he produced one without a moment's hesitation.

Environment 15 - A Kindly Spirit

A compassionate young boy,
A kindly Spirit,
In spite of the floods,
In spite of devastation,
Walks through the flooded waters,
Wades through the dangerous grounds,
Carrying on his back a young calf,
Carrying him like a human baby,
A sight so touching,
A sight so endearing!

Albert Einstein 17 - The Swiss Patent Office In Bern

Perhaps, it is difficult to imagine
A world class scientist like Albert Einstein,
Sitting in a Patent office and
Working as a patent clerk.
O! But that was the actual truth!

Funnily, at times, facts are fancier than fiction!

The beauty of how Albert Einstein
Transformed the dull, dreary, humdrum,

From Far Dakota's Canons

FROM far Dakota's cañons,
Lands of the wild ravine, the dusky Sioux, the lonesome stretch, the
Haply to-day a mournful wail, haply a trumpet-note for heroes.

The battle-bulletin,
The Indian ambuscade, the craft, the fatal environment,
The cavalry companies fighting to the last in sternest heroism,
In the midst of their little circle, with their slaughter'd horses
for breastworks,


“Welcome to our new world family”
Words sounded me good and not silly
It created deep impact on mind
I though of gesture to be nice and kind

New entrants will find it very difficult
New environment with different cult
Readers, friends, pattern also new
May be new approach was definitely due

Leaflets From My Life - My Father's First Letter On Life & Lotus

My dear father,
Who was determined to educate me well,
To the best of his ability.
Remained throughout my life,
A Guardian Angel!

I was sixteen then,
I was to travel with my Dad from Cochin to Coimbatore
To graduate in English Literature.
But fate intervened.

Sonnet: Change You Can But…

Change you can your hair color, not your skin;
Change you can your smile and grin: not your eyes;
Change you can your sex partners, not your kin;
Change you can your sinful life: Be soul-wise!

Change you can your friends and foes, not parents;
Change you can your teacher/guide, not your brain;
Change you can your exam-marks, not talents;
Change you can your habits bad and be sane.

Sonnet - 11: The Twenty Three Years Is Not A Long Time

The twenty three years is not a long time
For happening something most significant
To get the details guidance and guideline
Of life leading in a secure environment;
At the Cave of Hira the messenger arrived
In Ramadan he faced for the first message,
Gradual getting, inscribing, inserting in need,
Making easy and clear explanations of each;
He succeeded with courage and effort
Materializing Lord's great intention in earth

Lets Dance To The Tune Of Lust

Lets Dance To The Tune Of Lust

The world says hush
It's not the time to rush
Forget the things which are must
Let's dance to the tune of lust

Common man may feel disgusted
Their manhood has got rusted
So ladies tighten your bust




Sipping morning tea,

Something new, different,

Out Of Desert (Arabian Sonnet)

(Out Of Desert - An Arabian Sonnet)

Out of desert that came out guess him, mind
A golden touch; touched and turned into gold
All the agents before him soon appeared
Slowly all of them began to be touched;

In short time news reached far and far distance
Air changing around took the real place,
In the sky clouds gathered, fell rain of peace