Ode To The Heart Poem by M. Asim Nehal

Ode To The Heart

Rating: 4.9

Your journey begins on 18th or 19th day
After fertilization of eggs
You are the first organ to be formed
And function to beat and pump blood
Then your septation into separate chambers begins
Goes out in an artery comes back in a vein
This makes you unique in the body frame
You loop with other organs and realigned
You control Inflow and outflow of blood
Though, 'The Boss' sits on top of you
You work fearlessly and carefree
Your selections are unique
The tenderness, the emotions that you carry
Rules over the nature and environment

You keep a perfect record of emotions
For relationships, time and history
With Love, you have an unending bond
You accommodate all what you want
There is always a tug of war between
You and the Head, you mostly win
No one will understand your true beauty
With every individual, you discharge your duty
However, your size is not more than a fist
Yet you accommodate world within it
You are the most loved one on this earth
Among all creations, you are the best
How can one claim he is heartless?
With you the life starts and without you it ends.

Sunday, September 6, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: heart
Zehra Bukhari 15 September 2020

Excellent Poem. Explains the birth of an ordinary human and how he should live life but with the words you used there is a greater thought about this poem.10+++ ~Zehra~Young Poet

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M Asim Nehal 17 September 2020

Thanks much Zehra~ Young Poetess for your appreciation.

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Poetic Sky 19 September 2020

Excellent ode to the heart informative and touching.

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Rakesh Jain 28 September 2020

Wonderful poem, informative, narrative and interesting.

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Vilas Partiwar 20 October 2020

What is the most important part of our body and the way you have described makes it more so special I congratulated you for writing this wonderful.

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Bri Edwards 14 June 2023

(cont.) The 'heart's' 2nd aspect, aka 'A characteristic or feature of something', is that as an imagined center of emotion, esp. 'love' or 'loss'

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Bri Edwards 14 June 2023

I will say I have a rather strong feeling that you should keep the two aspects of 'heart' separate, probably in separate poems. One aspect is its job of pumping blood. (CONT.)

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Bri Edwards 14 June 2023

I won't take time to leave as many comments as I have. You (with requests that I review other poems) and other things) keep me busy enough!

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Rajendra 23 May 2022

Starting and ending point of human life on earth, Superbly defined.

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Jasmeet Sam 04 May 2022

One of the best poem on heart, very informative and clever writing.

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