Leaflets From My Life - My Father's First Letter On Life & Lotus Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Leaflets From My Life - My Father's First Letter On Life & Lotus

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My dear father,
Who was determined to educate me well,
To the best of his ability.
Remained throughout my life,
A Guardian Angel!

I was sixteen then,
I was to travel with my Dad from Cochin to Coimbatore
To graduate in English Literature.
But fate intervened.
On our way, we stopped in Palakkad, my native town,
To meet my Grandparents.

I was the eldest Grandchild in our family.
When they saw me, they were so overcome with emotion
And so much of love, that they refused to let me go!
My Grandparents lived in an old palatial house
With so many trees, fruits, flowers, roots and creepers.
Thus, my father left me in the care of my Grandparent's
After admitting me into a college in the same town.

As I stepped into the long corridors of
Mercy College in Kerala,
I had no idea of where I was heading towards.
But I was sure of one thing
That I was going to enjoy my new freedom,
To explore nature and its new environment,
To make a lot of new friends,
To learn and grow up into a new young lady.

My father missed my presence in the house.
So, he began to write letters to me.
Every month, he wrote a letter with a story.
The stories always had a message and a philosophy.
I still remember his first letter
And the words in the letter made a huge impact on my mind.
The gist of the letter was that I should tread the path of life,
Very carefully, with awareness, and conduct myself so well
That I should become an example to others around me.

My father wrote:
I should aspire to become like a lotus.
The beautiful lotus stands on muddy waters,
Yet, remains so pure and perfect;
Untouched, untainted, uncluttered and unhampered.
The pink petals are ever fresh without a spot of dirt on it.
Like the lotus, I should focus only on my goal,
Never to be swayed by temptations,
Never to be distracted from my studies,
To remain like a jewel in the lotus that never lets off its lustre.

Leaflets From My Life - My Father's First Letter On Life & Lotus
Those who read this poem, please do also read my poem - Flower 1- The Lotus and My beloved Father. They all form a part of this poem and
are linked together. Leaflets of my life are my true stories. I have written these verses in simple, free style. with no poetic grandeur or embellishments.
Kelly Kurt 05 May 2018

Oh, Geeta. Your memories have been implanted in me. Wave functions collapsing. Life, seemingly chaotic. Ends becoming from unintentional means. I will indeed read the other part. Peace!

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Kelly, thanks a lot for reading this poem. A true story retold in a very simple manner without any frills.

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Unnikrishnan E S 05 May 2018

Part 6 Loved this simple but profound poem. A 100 and onto my poem list.

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Thanks a lot dear Unnikrishnan, I am so happy that you liked this simple poem. We are lucky to be born to excellent fathers who taught us the dignity of labour. I was touched to read about your father who worked with the farmers. I have great respect for farmers. Even though my father was in the army, he respected all people who worked hard. Thank you Unni, once again, for such a lovely review.

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Lyn Paul 06 May 2018

A beautiful story expressing family love and life.

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Bharati Nayak 05 November 2022

A great poem.You really stand out as a lotus.

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Chinedu Dike 05 November 2022

A nostalgic look at the onset of a very rich biography. A beautiful story written with eloquent finesse. Thanks for sharing, Madam. Remain blessed.

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Rebecca Navarre 06 November 2021

Such a beautiful loving poem! .. With such a wise and loving Father! .. Beautifully, beautifully written! .. Beautifully, beautifully expressed! .. Definite 5 Stars! ...+++++

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Jayaram 10 December 2020

A well deserving tribute.

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Praveen Menon 03 December 2020

It’s made me emotional I can relate to every word penned. Absolutely wonderful tribute....

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