Treasure Island

Jax Ann Newton

Poems of Jax Ann Newton

1. _____________________ 8/23/2009
2. Chains 11/11/2008
3. Live Laugh Love 11/11/2008
4. Lost 11/11/2008
5. Shadow 11/20/2008
6. The Lone Inhabitant 12/8/2008
7. To My Love and My Worst Enemy 1/5/2009
8. Who I Am NOW 11/18/2008
9. Who Knows? 11/24/2008

Who I Am NOW

Storms are crashing,
Waves are bashing my body against the rocks.

I wait for the end, when this darkness will end
But my hopes have been shattered again.

With a burst of light, my world turns white,
And all around me fades.

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