Jibanananda Das

(17 February 1899 – 22 October 1954 / Barisal / Bangladesh)

Jibanananda Das Poems

1. Wristwatch 3/13/2012
2. We Both Are Here, Again 3/13/2012
3. In The Black-Out 1/1/2009
4. The Beggar 1/1/2009
5. Tonight 1/1/2009
6. Windy Night 1/1/2009
7. On City Sidewalks 3/20/2012
8. An October Morning 3/13/2012
9. A Star Converses With One Particular Star All Night Long 3/13/2012
10. Dispassionate! 3/13/2012
11. Having Done With My Ledger Of Life 3/13/2012
12. Go Where You Will 3/13/2012
13. A Magpie 1/1/2009
14. I Remember, I Was There 3/13/2012
15. She 1/1/2009
16. The Great Twilight 1/1/2009
17. I Have Seen Bengal’s Face 3/13/2012
18. Along The Tram Line 1/1/2009
19. If I Got An Eternal Life 1/1/2009
20. Subinoy Mustafi 1/1/2009
21. The Song Of Life 1/1/2009
22. One Day Eight Years Ago 1/1/2009
23. Septet 1/1/2009
24. The Cat 1/1/2009
25. Day-Break And Six Bombers: 1942 1/1/2009
26. To Her Steady Lover 1/1/2009
27. Ghostly 1/1/2009
28. Ah Kite 1/9/2009
29. Banalata Sen 1/1/2009
Best Poem of Jibanananda Das

Banalata Sen

It has been a thousand years since I started trekking the earth
A huge travel in night’s darkness from the Ceylonese waters
to the Malayan sea
I have been there too: the fading world of Vimbisara and Asoka
Even further—the forgotten city of Vidarva,
Today I am a weary soul although the ocean of life around continues to foam,
Except for a few soothing moments with Natore’s Banalata Sen.

Her hair as if the dark night of long lost Vidisha,
Her face reminiscent of the fine works of Sravasti,
When I saw her in the shadow it seemed
as if a ship-wrecked mariner ...

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Along The Tram Line

I walk along the tram line: night now deep
I hear the teasing of some life of the past:
‘You are like a broken tram—
there is no depot, you don’t need wage
Alas, when has this occurred! ’
That old life sinks behind
The star in the sky, in darkness.

Which way to go? The quiet city has not answer.

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