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Kara Aleid was Thomas

Poems of Kara Aleid was Thomas

1. - I bet it sucks to be you right now. 9/18/2011
2. Am in love with you. 9/18/2011
3. Are You Happy Now? 9/7/2012
4. Distance of the heart. 8/18/2012
5. Fairytale 8/18/2012
6. Final I See You. 11/23/2011
7. Forever you, me us 4/12/2013
8. I can feel your pain. 7/29/2012
9. I Get Scared. 10/25/2011
10. I Love You. 10/2/2011
11. I wish you could understand x 9/24/2011
12. I Wounder 8/17/2013
13. Life As We Know... 6/13/2011
14. Love hurts Alot. 6/14/2011
15. Love Travels 1/20/2014
16. Me Without You 10/25/2011
17. Misery 10/28/2012
18. Missing You Too Much. 10/2/2011
19. On my mind. 10/8/2011
20. Roses are red...... 6/13/2011

Love hurts Alot.

I dont know what to do
your brother dont want 'Us' to be
what can i do to make him see
i love you and you love's me!
please understand that am in pain when we dont speak
and to be honest am falling to ever word you say's to me
i love you and i dont want it to feel unreal
without you and me were not the perfect 'We'
please take these words to be real

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