maria goodison

Freshman - 680 Points (06,10,1983 / perth scotland)

maria goodison Poems

1. Vampires Queen 7/13/2013
2. Save A Day 7/13/2013
3. I Could. 7/19/2013
4. Finding Away. 7/20/2013
5. Letting Thing Flow. 7/24/2013
6. Tell Me 8/3/2013
7. Sorrow 8/3/2013
8. Reason 8/3/2013
9. Just A Hug 8/3/2013
10. Feel Like Saying 8/3/2013
11. Like Stranger 8/3/2013
12. War 8/6/2013
13. Made A Wish 9/1/2013
14. Witch. 9/23/2013
15. Dark Mind 9/23/2013
16. Each Day 12/1/2013
17. Without Thinking 8/3/2013
18. What Man Has Made 8/3/2013
19. I Hope You Can 1/5/2014
20. It Has To Be 1/5/2014
21. Your Mine 5/8/2014
22. My Little One 5/8/2014
23. With Out A Face 5/8/2014
24. Poet 5/9/2014
25. One Man Call 5/9/2014
26. Teacher 5/9/2014
27. Your Not A God 5/9/2014
28. When I Die 5/12/2014
29. Never Been Simple 5/12/2014
30. What A Shame 5/12/2014
31. Snow Is Falling 5/12/2014
32. Sunflower 5/12/2014
33. The Beast At Night 5/12/2014
34. Dear Lord 5/12/2014
35. Spider And Fly 5/12/2014
36. Looking Not Seeing 5/12/2014
37. Again 5/15/2014
38. Forgotten To Think 5/15/2014
39. Obi 5/15/2014
40. Lucifer 5/15/2014
Best Poem of maria goodison

I Miss You

I walked past your flat today and almost knocked on the door.
I thought I heard your voice and hoped to turn to see your face.
I almost called you on the phone,
then remembered you would not pick up at all.

I went to the old bridge by the river
and sat down alone in the sun.
A feeling of sorrow washed over me
and knowing that we would never play in the river again
made the sorrow stick.

How I miss you and all we did.
How I long for your jokes
and how you'd pick on me.
You showed me how to juggle.
To stand that little bit longer,
to wait and...

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If You Must.

If you must see the lighting before you see the storm, and if you must bang the
drum before you know the tune.
Then where do your dreams go and the passion that clings to your walls, how do you
smile if your always waching the door.
If you must sit and grumble that the sun has risen and that the seasons never stay
the same, if you must listen in where there is no place for your ears.
Do not shout and blaim or slam the window for the convention was not yours to
to play.
If you must run

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