mbuyu makayi

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Poems of mbuyu makayi

1. Dear Brother 9/20/2012
2. Devil's claws: Songs of a Sinner 11/28/2012
3. Dry Roses 12/25/2012
4. Happiness no longer lives here 1/9/2013
5. I Remember 9/4/2012
6. In The Land Of A Thousand Suns 8/2/2012
7. Sitting On This Blue Park Bench 9/16/2012
8. We Are One In Peace 8/10/2012

Dear Brother

Brothers, you and I were,
in you I called a friend.
A memory I now solemnly bare,
a great bond shatteringly brought to an end.

Instead of talking we took stance,
against an enemy of each other,
our bond stood no chance,
in duel with a brother.

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