Nikhil Parekh

Freshman - 508 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Can You? - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

You had the power to procreate your own progeny; but
can you recreate man after death?
You had the power to construct a gigantic building;
but can you provide compassionate shelter to every
tangible organism wandering in inexplicable pain; on
the mud of this Universe?
You had the power to save a single life at a time with
your prudently imbibed prowess of artificial
respiration; but can you save the entire planet
tottering precariously towards the brink of absolute
You had the power to silence an innocuous child; but
can you conquer the infinite battalion of devils
trying to metamorphose God's earth into a treacherous
You had the power to emboss thousands of exquisite
lines; but can you sign for the boundless illiterate
on this globe; for whom the most cherished possession
was their bohemian thumb?
You had the power to silence your critics; but can you
pacify the perilously vindictive storm brewing
outside; ready to ruthlessly swipe celestial traces of
blissful civilization?
You had the power to philander merrily through the
hills whenever you desired; but can you free humanity
from the vicious stranglehold of brutally augmenting
You had the power to memorize several formulas of
arithmetic; but can you scrupulously recollect the
uncanny miseries prevailing in each abode on this
You had the power to pray till times immemorial; but
can you grant every single wish of God's countless
created entities?
You had the power to earn fathomless wealth; but can
you substitute the eyes of unsurpassable blind men;
with your coins of pompous silver?
You had the power to defeat the mightiest of armies
with your contemporary techniques; but can you
massacre the voice of your guilty conscience?
You had the power to fantasize even beyond the most
unprecedented limits of imagination; but can you
perceive what was circulating in the minds of
unfathomable people; boisterously busy in tackling
monotonous life?
You had the power to handsomely placate your own
hunger; but can you fill every plate clattering in
domains of desperation for those indispensable morsels
of food?
You had the power to stare at your own reflection in
the mirror for unbelievable hours on the trot; but can
you look at those billions of faces engulfed with
satanic droplets of blood; deprived of their sole love
in life?
You had the power to dream about the most
incredulously mesmerizing objects on earth; but can
you bring back a smile to the face of a mother; who
had just lost her newly born child?
You had the power to dig a million kilometers beneath
soil; but can you heal the insurmountably agonizing
trauma which the earth was besieged with; as you
ruptured its belly?
You had the power to assassinate unsurpassable number
of trees in a single minute with your modern machines;
but can you spawn the incomprehensible greenery on
this soil; which kept astoundingly proliferating; even
after the Sun had disappeared from the horizons?
You had the power to sagaciously advice hordes of
profusely afflicted masses; but can you enter their
shivering persona; to bear their suffering even an
inconspicuous trifle?
And you had the power to be an absolute human till the
time you existed in physical form; but can you ever
dream of being even an infinitesimal reflection of the
Omniscient Creator?  

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