Shahid Sarwar

[Shahid Sarwar]

Poems of Shahid Sarwar

1. A Labor Woman 12/27/2013
2. Contrariness 12/17/2013
3. Death 12/19/2013
4. Divine Bounty 12/25/2013
5. Love 12/17/2013
6. Nelson Mandela 12/17/2013
7. She Died 12/17/2013
8. She is An Art Museum 12/18/2013
9. Something Is There In Your Eyes! 12/26/2013

Nelson Mandela

Alas! The anti-apartheid icon
The illustrious son of South Africa
is no more. No more
Is the Icon of Reconciliation
Against human humiliation.
All mourn
The second death of Martin Luther King
Who happened to be a string
Strong around the neck

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