Treasure Island

shreya nair

[zara ashrey]

Poems of shreya nair

1. Before you fall.. 6/14/2013
2. Behind The Enemy Lines 6/8/2013
3. Behind The Mask. 6/12/2013
4. Deadly curfew. 6/15/2013
5. fight back 6/8/2013
6. Pink 7/5/2013

Behind The Mask.

Somewhere beyond the horizon a bluebird wails
I know that feeling; I know that heart that ails.
It’s not the right time to say to you this,
I know it’s too late to think,
But you still walk through my way,
Even though, you are miles away.
Walking through the path you left behind,
Searching for the heart you took away.
The spin of love and hatred is only a coin’s flip away

[Hata Bildir]