Treasure Island

shreya nair

[zara ashrey]

Poems of shreya nair

1. Before you fall.. 6/14/2013
2. Behind The Enemy Lines 6/8/2013
3. Behind The Mask. 6/12/2013
4. Deadly curfew. 6/15/2013
5. fight back 6/8/2013
6. Pink 7/5/2013

Deadly curfew.

The curfew is pass time,
My shorts are already dirty with slime,
I am running through the woods in snow
Melted snow drips from the leaves, I should’ve known.
I have to be at house at least by nine.
Or else dad will kill me because of the time,
Breathless and sweaty, still I run,
Can’t stop, had too much fun.
I fall over the roots of cedar,

[Hata Bildir]