Stephen Katona

Bronze Star - 2,904 Points (26th November 1970 / Manchester, UK)

Stephen Katona Poems

1. Moko's Farewell 5/29/2014
2. Blue The Gladiator 5/31/2014
3. The Hippo And The Gnu 6/4/2014
4. Two Dolphins Cry For Help 6/6/2014
5. King And Dolphin Become Kin. 6/6/2014
6. Fishing With Dolphins In Laguna 6/7/2014
7. A Dolphin Looks At My Baby 6/9/2014
8. A Tigon Is Not A Liger 6/9/2014
9. A Wholphin's Tale 6/10/2014
10. Don'T You Know I'M A Dzo? 6/10/2014
11. I'M Not Just Any Zorse Of Course. 6/11/2014
12. An Octopus Builds A House 6/17/2014
13. How Two Octopi Came To Fall From The Sky 6/17/2014
14. A Mimic Called Tim 6/18/2014
15. A Strange Way To Change 6/24/2014
16. Happy Times In Prominent Places 6/24/2014
17. I'M A Diabetic Alert Dog (Dad) 7/1/2014
18. Ginny The Cat Rescuer 7/1/2014
19. A Dog Finds Peanut 7/2/2014
20. Henry The Hexapus 6/16/2014
21. Beautiful Bottom Burps 7/5/2014
22. An Aye Aye Dreams Of Being A Woodpecker 7/23/2014
23. Please Start To Keep Sugar And Fat Apart 8/2/2014
24. A Dolphin Dances With A Dog 8/3/2014
25. Bears And Ladders 7/31/2014
26. It's Time To Decide What To Do About Fluoride. 8/6/2014
27. Make Me Yours 8/5/2015
28. The Chlorine In Your Water 8/6/2014
29. The Quest Of A Pot Bellied Pig 6/12/2014
30. Mila The Beluga Whale Rescues A Diver. 6/13/2014
31. Valentina's Rescue 6/4/2014
32. The Hippo And The Baby Zebra 6/3/2014
33. A Polar Bear Plays With A Husky. 5/28/2014
34. How Dolphins Sleep 6/9/2014
35. A Bear, Lion And Tiger Family 7/13/2014
36. If A Hippo Said Boo 7/29/2014
37. A Quokka Fools A Tiger Quoll 6/15/2014
38. A Rabbit Dances For An Ambulance. 6/11/2014
39. A Wholphin's Song 6/10/2014
40. Moko Saves Two Pygmy Sperm Whales 5/29/2014
Best Poem of Stephen Katona

Spider In My Pencil Case

From a group of boys,
Came excited jabbering noise.
In the corner of the playground,
There was something they had found.
A boy called Tom poked it with a stick,
Watching made me feel quite sick.
I could see it was a baby spider,
My first thought was to hide her.
I cupped her in my hands,
And resisted all the boys demands,
Firmly saying 'no,
I'll never let her go! '
She tickled my palm,
Glad to be safe from harm.
I thought hard about a hiding place,
Then dropped her in my pencil case.
From that day on she was my pet.
I kept her safe ...

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Fungie And The Cormorant

A dolphin lost his wife,
The love of his life.
In Dingle Bay.
He chose to stay.

Fungie was his name,
His play brought fame,
But he felt all alone,
With his sweetheart flown.

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