Stephen Katona

Bronze Star - 2,746 Points (26th November 1970 / Manchester, UK)

Stephen Katona Poems

1. Moko's Farewell 5/29/2014
2. Blue The Gladiator 5/31/2014
3. The Hippo And The Gnu 6/4/2014
4. Two Dolphins Cry For Help 6/6/2014
5. King And Dolphin Become Kin. 6/6/2014
6. Fishing With Dolphins In Laguna 6/7/2014
7. A Dolphin Looks At My Baby 6/9/2014
8. A Tigon Is Not A Liger 6/9/2014
9. A Wholphin's Tale 6/10/2014
10. Don'T You Know I'M A Dzo? 6/10/2014
11. I'M Not Just Any Zorse Of Course. 6/11/2014
12. An Octopus Builds A House 6/17/2014
13. How Two Octopi Came To Fall From The Sky 6/17/2014
14. A Mimic Called Tim 6/18/2014
15. A Strange Way To Change 6/24/2014
16. Happy Times In Prominent Places 6/24/2014
17. I'M A Diabetic Alert Dog (Dad) 7/1/2014
18. Ginny The Cat Rescuer 7/1/2014
19. A Dog Finds Peanut 7/2/2014
20. Henry The Hexapus 6/16/2014
21. Beautiful Bottom Burps 7/5/2014
22. An Aye Aye Dreams Of Being A Woodpecker 7/23/2014
23. Please Start To Keep Sugar And Fat Apart 8/2/2014
24. A Dolphin Dances With A Dog 8/3/2014
25. Bears And Ladders 7/31/2014
26. It's Time To Decide What To Do About Fluoride. 8/6/2014
27. Make Me Yours 8/5/2015
28. The Chlorine In Your Water 8/6/2014
29. The Quest Of A Pot Bellied Pig 6/12/2014
30. Mila The Beluga Whale Rescues A Diver. 6/13/2014
31. Valentina's Rescue 6/4/2014
32. The Hippo And The Baby Zebra 6/3/2014
33. A Polar Bear Plays With A Husky. 5/28/2014
34. How Dolphins Sleep 6/9/2014
35. A Bear, Lion And Tiger Family 7/13/2014
36. If A Hippo Said Boo 7/29/2014
37. A Quokka Fools A Tiger Quoll 6/15/2014
38. A Rabbit Dances For An Ambulance. 6/11/2014
39. A Wholphin's Song 6/10/2014
40. Moko Saves Two Pygmy Sperm Whales 5/29/2014
Best Poem of Stephen Katona

Spider In My Pencil Case

From a group of boys,
Came excited jabbering noise.
In the corner of the playground,
There was something they had found.
A boy called Tom poked it with a stick,
Watching made me feel quite sick.
I could see it was a baby spider,
My first thought was to hide her.
I cupped her in my hands,
And resisted all the boys demands,
Firmly saying 'no,
I'll never let her go! '
She tickled my palm,
Glad to be safe from harm.
I thought hard about a hiding place,
Then dropped her in my pencil case.
From that day on she was my pet.
I kept her safe ...

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Valentina's Rescue

This is a heart warming tale,
Of a young humpback whale,
Saved in two thousand and eleven,
By people from heaven,
In the Sea of Cortez observing,
Whales needing conserving.

Michael Fishback filled with dread,
When he found a whale that looked dead,

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