Yuri Starostin

Veteran Poet - 1,114 Points [John Templeton] (4.07.1972.)

Yuri Starostin Poems

1. Evgeny Onegin 1-4 A.S. Pushkin 3/4/2013
2. Evgeny Onegin 5 A.S. Pushkin 3/4/2013
3. 'I Love Your Sad Eyes...'Valery Alalykin 3/3/2013
4. Mine You The Sad Lilac Are Valery Alalykin 3/4/2013
5. Evgeny Onegin 6-10 A.S. Pushkin 3/4/2013
6. Cooper Horseman A.S. Pushkin 3/4/2013
7. 'An Apart Was Waited For Us...' Valery Alalykin 3/4/2013
8. Ruslan And Lydmila A.S. Pushkin 3/3/2013
9. Farewell Darling Valery Alalykin 3/4/2013
10. 'Likely, There Is The Earth Absolutely Valery Alalykin 3/5/2013
11. 'I Was Young...' Valery Alalykin 3/5/2013
12. 'The Moon With A Thoughtful Smile...' Valery Alalykin 3/5/2013
13. 'At You Never Happens Nothing...' Valery Alalykin 3/5/2013
14. 'Oh So You Were Late Do Explained...' Valery Alalykin 3/6/2013
15. 'What The Fantastic Meeting...'Valery Alalykin 3/6/2013
16. Do Not Trust, Tatyana! Valery Alalykin 3/12/2013
17. The Poem About Beautiful Maria Valery Alalykin 3/13/2013
18. I Have Meet The Woman.. Valery Alalykin 3/14/2013
19. I Was In Egypt, Vienna, Montreal … Valery Alalykin 3/14/2013
20. The Letter Of The Another's Valery Alalykin 3/14/2013
21. The Forty Valery Alalykin 3/15/2013
22. The Fatal Offend Valery Alalykin 3/16/2013
23. The Phone Talking Valery Alalykin 3/16/2013
24. Under The Star Sky It Is Not Casual Valery Alalykin 3/17/2013
25. Repentance Valery Alalykin 3/18/2013
26. Sake-Less To Shout Valery Alalykin 3/18/2013
27. The Not - Forget - Me Valery Alalykin 3/18/2013
28. There Is A Poison In Any Pharmacy Valery Alalykin 3/18/2013
29. On Different Tracks Went To One Mountain Ash Valery Alalykin 3/18/2013
30. So It Is Delightful In The Mad Anger Valery Alalykin 3/18/2013
31. How To Be, If You Have Break Loving Someone Valery Alalykin 3/19/2013
32. In The Sacred Nesessary To Believe Valery Alalykin 3/19/2013
33. Why You Watch Me At The Night Valery Alalykin 3/19/2013
34. To Michael Greenberg From Montreal Valery Alalykin 3/19/2013
35. The Wolfess And Wolf Valery Alalykin 3/20/2013
36. Eyebrows Rasul Gamzatov 3/21/2013
37. Indian Summer Valery Alaykin 3/7/2013
38. 'Why To Know Me You? .'Valery Alalykin 3/8/2013
39. The Portrait Following On The Heels... Valery Alalykin 3/8/2013
40. Death Of Poet Mikhail Lermontov 3/5/2013
Best Poem of Yuri Starostin

About Motherland By Rasul Gamzatov

About motherland

I could not to understand, but now I do -
And to me any translation is need not,
About what, flying out, an autumn flock
So bitter crying,
So sadly sings.

Earlier it seems to me: a sadness have a no reason
At the leaves lying in the dust of the roads.
There about the native branch their sorrow and grieve -
Now I understand,
And previously I couldn't do it.

I did not know, did not know, but understood over the years,
Already with the quite grey- white head,
What about the hewed out stone from the rock
So ...

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Hedee Vasily Bargachan

I can't hide the doubt-
Really the oldmans
are dancing there?
Their movements,
As the boys has
Are easy.
So easy,
As if its are

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