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Zuleyma Garcia

Poems of Zuleyma Garcia

1. A heart broken child 6/23/2013
2. Another Lost Brother 6/22/2013
3. Daddy's little girl 6/19/2013
4. End my life before I do 6/19/2013
5. I am more than 6/19/2013
6. I Am Not Who You Think I Am 6/19/2013
7. I See What You Don't See 6/17/2013
8. I Wish 6/19/2013
9. I Wish You Knew 6/18/2013
10. Me, myself and I 6/19/2013
11. somethings you just cant do them twice 6/19/2013

I See What You Don't See

I see my skin as paper,
i cut and cut but i don't feel pain.
I see my face like a mask,
so i hide and put a new one on.
I see my size as a book,
i judge myself everyday.
and soon my life will be like a film,
one day it will end.

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