If I had a shiny gun,
I could have a world of fun
Speeding bullets through the brains
Of the folk who give me pains;

Or had I some poison gas,
I could make the moments pass
Bumping off a number of
People whom I do not love.


I am so in love
In love with Joy
In love with happiness
In love with anger
In love with frustration
In love with Tears
In love with Me.

I love love
love is fruitful

I'm Blest (Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love)

Of all of God's creation
I love you foremost
Tower of inspiration
And kindness utmost

Providing motivation
Giving me support
Helping ease frustration
With friendly comfort

Contemplation Of The Sword

Reason will not decide at last; the sword will decide.
The sword: an obsolete instrument of bronze or steel,
formerly used to kill men, but here
In the sense of a symbol. The sword: that is: the storms
and counter-storms of general destruction; killing
of men,
Destruction of all goods and materials; massacre, more or
less intentional, of children and women;
Destruction poured down from wings, the air made accomplice,
the innocent air

Drawing My Own Conclusions

I'd been caught up in the middle, of one of those awful days,
When nothing seems to go right, with glitches and delays.

I was having a rough day at work, and the boss was now irate;
And all I could think about, was sweet tropical island escape!

When she severely berated me, it was so hard not to be mad,
So I drew an awful picture of her, in which she looked quite bad.

With eyes bulging and goofy grin, her hair now stood on end.

Acid Test

Are we not becoming intolerant society?
Gruesome murders, riots stabbing –all in different varieties?
May be it has become part of our life and necessities
Everybody wants to capitalize and understands its futility

On the name of religion, we simply kill each other
Humanity on run and no one takes care or bother
Shame, hatred curse all have taken front seat
No regrets on face – see face to face and sit

Tackling My Computer

Exchanging my days of quill and ink,
To a computer is a must I think,
The favourite of the current age,
Is just the thing I need, I guage.

A modem, printer and scanner will do,
A camera, mouse and speakers too,
With all these marvellous machines,
Life would be effortless, it seems.

We All Must Drink The Water Of Life

Neutrality is the balance
between bad and good
life is water...
a balance between good and bad,
we all must drink the water of life!

Depth from depth
..the pain
length from length
..the struggle

A Story Of The Rising Butterfly / Underneath My Chrysalis

Laying on the green leaf, left and abandoned
Be a caterpillar, never easy as u thought
Hated, oppressed are common, love is rarely brought
With friends, everywhere is like home, strong without bone
Chase away negative shadow out of sacred zone

Up to the sky, wind share stories beyond the garden
You hope to fly, discover new world heaven
Hopes given by grasshopper always make you strong
Dragonfly said, dream high, it is nothing wrong

When Frustration Takes Over

When frustration take position in driver’s sit,
Will not grant peace even thousands candles lit,
Peace and harmony are true essence and very fit,
Moral may lie very low when disturbances hit,

People may have distrust and look suspicious,
Earnest peace efforts may remain continuous,
When gravity of situation remain high and explosive,
Even mighty and might may not remain responsive,

Throne Of Arrows

Ours hectic march
on the highway
of burning pan.

Impregnated our bodies
with arrows of
innumerable frustration.

Venomous warmth of blood
in our veins closed

First Love

“I would like to help”, little more than a whisper,
misty brown eyes turned to stare where I stood.
“I would like to try” the words came out crisper,
resolve filling all of the places it could.

I had watched him struggle to rise from a chair,
had felt the frustration that threatened his calm.
Firmly bracing myself to take on his glare
“I needed to come and I wish you no harm”.

A Modern Poem (Free Verse)

An excellent piece of modern poems
Full of darkness, chaos and trash
Of war, horror, terror, destruction
Violence, crimes, corruption, oppression
Depression, deprivation, frustration
Snatching, robbing, raping, wrong doing
Abducting, killing, cutting, firing, burning
Bombing, massacring, occupying
Torturing, tormenting, spoiling, damaging
Forgery, hypocrisy, lust and all ill forces mixed.


so many years.
so many fears.
so many tears.

The wound doesn't want to heal.
The pain is just too real.

It would destroy all the sanity in us.
But the time can't erase this cuss.

' Last Night

I dreamed of you again last night
As I lay upon my bed,
A passionate, exotic dream
Unraveled in my head;

No doubt 'twas something that I ate
Just prior to retiring
That set the stage for such a dream
With all synapses firing;

Rebirth / A New Day Has Comes

Tired of walking these days
Your old body celebrates its 60th birthday
The moment, eyes too weak to be opened
Sights become too blur to welcome ray
What left only dream of past dream stained

Back to yesterday
Mourning for what u can't achieved
Living with someone you not trusted and believe
Make life so hard almost to cleave

You Nearly Killed Me Neelu!

You entered in my life,
As a soft spoken person,
With fantastic poems.
Slowly and slowly,
I found that your,
Each poems comes,
A reply to my poems,
Especially at least one
Word you have picked up
From one of my poems

Plenty Of Anger

There is plenty of anger inside of me
It has to stop
Why is there so much anger inside of me?
My anger is part of my frustration
I have to control it now
My anger causes me plenty of trouble
There is plenty of anger inside of me
And what is anger do I know?
Anger is a strong feeling of displasure
It is a grief that I have inside of me

My Friend Of Misery (Prose)

Drifting out of sight, fading into the night.
Times of frustration and depression.
An uncomfortably disturbing state of mind deriving from the darkness...
Thrown into a state of intense stress and desperation, how can I ease the pain in my aching heart?
Sadness resulting from being forsaken!
A solitary night, untouched, unspoken to — Loneliness!
In the pitch-dark when even your shadow abandons you!
Falling into gentle ruin, nothing here, only worms writhing round and round — writhing away while my brain leaks into the ground.

Don'T Give Up

It's never easy to forget
past failures and heartaches
It's never simple to bury
the unrealized ambitions
You can't go back
and create a new beginning
So move forward
and make a new ending