My Friend Of Misery (Prose) Poem by Sameera Alshaikh

My Friend Of Misery (Prose)

Rating: 4.5

Drifting out of sight, fading into the night.
Times of frustration and depression.
An uncomfortably disturbing state of mind deriving from the darkness...
Thrown into a state of intense stress and desperation, how can I ease the pain in my aching heart?
Sadness resulting from being forsaken!
A solitary night, untouched, unspoken to — Loneliness!
In the pitch-dark when even your shadow abandons you!
Falling into gentle ruin, nothing here, only worms writhing round and round — writhing away while my brain leaks into the ground.
It seems that time is passing slower than normal this damn night!
Tension — The deafening sound of a clock in my head is ticking, TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK as if it was a time bomb; So loud, can’t make myself heard no matter how hard I scream!
An unpleasant emotion — an overwhelming feeling of discomfort, emptiness, nervousness, worry and anxiety.
Pale with exhaustion and trouble...
An endless stream of fear and terror.
I’m lost — the apprehension has taken me beneath the cold purple sheets where it's even harder to breathe...
Ever thought what I've been thinking about?
I've been thinking about you!
My heart murmurs your name, it's only you who can dig me out of this mess! I'll die if you don't hold me tight tonight. I shut my eyes to feel your hands caressing me... And the only reason I cherish sleep is to dream of you.
I sing myself to sleep — calming and soothing myself so that I may fall into a deep and satisfying sleep.
A fight that took so long has finally ended by the surrender of my bleeding eyes to precious sleep.
It's the frantic moments when a human hopelessly tries to sleep! Weakness and fatigue, my body is so heavy and relaxed.
Sinking down... Down... Deeper and deeper.

A few miraculous golden rays of light into the smothering darkness, stroking gently on the cold walls of a lifeless bedroom.
I was on the verge of sleep when the alarm went off. Annoying beeping sound disturbing the sweetness of a dream!
Rise and shine, Rise and shine!
6: 00 AM and I'm all curled up in my bed.The sheets are still cold.
A voice in my head awakens from its respite and tries to convince me that the situation is much worse...
there I lay, motionless in pain and my hand can't make it to the alarm clock, the voices in my head start telling me that it's too early and too cold to get out of bed! ... I just don't feel like leaving bed today!
This morning selfish needs! Would it be better if I died?
Paralyzed—Aching sore muscles lie still in rebellion pretending not to hear my poor twisted mind ordering them to move.
Loud voices shouting for me to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep...
But the voice I've chosen to listen to is the voice that says that there's a reason I set the alarm the first place! So sit up! Put your feet on the floor! Force a smile on your face and don’t look back! Because we've got work to do! !
Welcome to the real world, where each day is a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way.

Hardik Vaidya 17 April 2013

Intoxicating. You have the grip on sense of beats. Prose has speed. It moves. Few have the ability to sense it and very few have the blessings to make it move, you can pace it and race it. You should give prose and poetry basically writing your infinite love. Go and write your heart out, such that the tyre burns on the asphalt of your readers mind can be seen. Whroom.

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Babatunde Aremu 17 April 2013

Very imaginative and good. Keep writing. Don't allow the ink to run dry. Kudos

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April Humason 17 April 2013

I have to say this is very intriguing. Now of days the easy way wins to often.

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Unwritten Soul 17 April 2013

Very detail and descriptive, a well done work Sameera, you draw an accurate words on paper..keep it up_Soul

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Sallam Yassin 17 April 2013

you not need my words or any you are the master of his art with words you can paint images so deep and so rich only may i ask to come to the shining side of the moon So you will shake the light thanks

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Sakalabaktula Sairaj 30 November 2017

so nice i am really impressed... it impresing only

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Prashansa Vaikunthe 10 July 2013

your thoughts are really beautiful.... superb prose

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 30 May 2013

Dis is a great emotive epic and even d pensive feelings r sketchd in a splendid way.

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Prashansa Vaikunthe 03 May 2013

feelings are nicely expressed, keep it up...

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Poetheart Morgan 02 May 2013

Hello Poetess, you are doing very good! Like the story just need more short, sometimes. But very well done!

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