Acid Test Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Acid Test

Rating: 4.8

Are we not becoming intolerant society?
Gruesome murders, riots stabbing –all in different varieties?
May be it has become part of our life and necessities
Everybody wants to capitalize and understands its futility

On the name of religion, we simply kill each other
Humanity on run and no one takes care or bother
Shame, hatred curse all have taken front seat
No regrets on face – see face to face and sit

What makes it so difficult to meet each other?
Have we gone berserk and unnecessarily differ
Have we nothing new to see and offer?
Why unpleasant things in life to utter?

We may not find answer to this or solution
We have no means to for evaluation
Morality is no where and has lost the ground
Near is near miss and no whereto be found

We can’t tolerate the well being of others
Frustration and worries all that bothers us
We don’t find ways to satisfy ourselves
We talk different and abnormally behave

Thousands are killed in day light scene
Flash with bodies scattered and all over seen
May be we still don’t need peace or respite
Nature has turned blind eye on us to ignite

Have we gone crazy over the issues?
Does humanity demand no dues?
Are we in state of shock and despair?
Can we not build trust or repair?

Will this not stop in days to come?
Will our efforts fail and or are not welcome?
Do we need complete annihilation from surface?
Is it right path or we call it mad race?

With so much bitterness, kill or get killed
Traitors and terrorists get rejoice and thrilled
Innocents and passers by face the wrath
Meet with ugly fate in the form of death

Is ethnic cleansing only way out?
Is it not the challenge and we face the rout?
What is all this nonsense and war talk about?
Why do we face unseasonal rain and drought?

Are we not wholly to be blamed?
Bloodbath in the name of peace claimed
Still many more lives may be lost
No solution in sight despite staggering cost

Take it for granted humanity may survive
Existence with harmony and peace may revive
It may incur losses with constant unrest
Time is essence but powerful acid test

We may love to live to endure
All best efforts to strengthen and secure
Make it worthy as our best future
Our future generation may have happy tenure

Natasha Rathod 07 November 2009

Are we not becoming intolerant society? Gruesome murders, riots stabbing in different varieties

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Alex Segree 05 November 2009

Yes people are lovers of themselves! ...with no natural affection for one another this definitely captures and describes the air of the world we live in today... good poem

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Eyan Desir 05 November 2009

This poem should have a better flow...

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Subbaraman N V 04 November 2009

Yes; time is essence and a powerful acid test! Great thought!

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Branden Hidalgo 27 October 2009

I really like this one. good work

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Charlotte Andreski 27 December 2009

great thoughts on which to ponder, as humanity as a whole is destruction at its climax

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Jigar Mehta 18 December 2009

very fine...poem mind blowing.....

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Joseph Poewhit 07 December 2009

Kind of puts many things in one shopping bag.

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Sahar Sahar 06 December 2009

Peaceful social life is becoming a tale of gone days, life is chaotic, and lawbreaker are roaring monsters in the civil have given a true picture....

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Chand Shikari 07 November 2009

May be it has become part and necessities Everybody wants to capitalize and understands its utilities

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