You Nearly Killed Me Neelu! Poem by Geetha Jayakumar

You Nearly Killed Me Neelu!

Rating: 3.1

You entered in my life,
As a soft spoken person,
With fantastic poems.
Slowly and slowly,
I found that your,
Each poems comes,
A reply to my poems,
Especially at least one
Word you have picked up
From one of my poems
Made me think as,
If its a reply to my poems.
And as the days went by
My curiosity to find you out
Was got increased
Then some of your poems
Did irritate me
You really killed me.
Then some rubbish comments made
In your blogs by someone
Really irritated me
Because I felt it taunted me.
Really it was a terrific week for me
In frustration I posted
The poem How could you?
Immediately one poem came as
a reply
Oh my God
I just sat down
What to do next
Deleted it
Still frustration was mounting on
In my mind
Then I got an idea
I took a word Chameleon
From your poem Neelu
Then again took a few more words
From your poem
Finally posted it
Just free myself
Again I felt its not reaching you
Oh God again two times
Then deleted it.
I dont know
I have read many suspense novel
So my brain too wonders like that
If anything had struck
Like poems, words, or suspicious in anything
Then that one will be targeted.
I have been behind your poems
When I felt something Fishy!
It made me relaxed to
Know a female voice played it very well.
You really reeled my head...
I bow to you..

In my poems you will be the Neelu!

Note: This person doesn't means, I was in love with or infatuated with. When I said he entered my life, it mean in one way or the other way each of you from PH is there or entered in my life, it was not an special entry as in case of love happens..I went behind a person out of curiousity, cause I felt some suspicion, by not letting him knowing. I also said in one of my poem that I am so confident that I will never cross any of the boundaries, as I have only respect towards each one of you..But If anyone tries to cross mine, as a woman I have to be cautious.
Lokesh Bahety 06 September 2013

Hi, is the comment section a platform for sarcasm, or does the elite commenting audience actually believe that the pile of cowdung upstairs makes sense? If people ACTUALLY like what this 'poet' has written, i hate the Mayans for getting their dates wrong

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Somanathan Iyer 01 September 2013

may be like you Neelu also unrelenting and untiring. Let us watch more fireworks. Nice expressions

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Neela Nath Das 02 September 2013

Wow! Geetha, Geetha.I didn't know all these went on in your head.Really, dear.It's coincident.So, sweet confession! Yes, here's my special salute for you!

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 05 September 2013

Fine narration keeping suspense till the end and the rediscovery dramatically make the poem very sweet.

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 05 September 2013

I thought of sending a message with the suggestion to re-edit the first half of the poem as it contains some mistakes in typing such as spoking, an reply, each poems comes etc.But, the message to is not allowed.So, if you don't mind please do edit.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 07 March 2022

Oop! What has happened with you is not just one case. I feel thousand such cases are there. Keep writing dear poetess.

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Roop Rekha Bhaskar 05 July 2015

very interesting poem and the Title caught my eye. I was in for a shock because i had taken the title literally! Hats off to you. I love your original style. Your own way of sorting things out. That none can take from you. Theme original, Words Original, and you are Unique.

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Uma Ram 20 April 2015

Wow, loved the concept mam...true mam, every one is an inspiration to everyone in some way or the other wonder! beautifully presented.The transparency adds to the beauty of your words mam. Enjoyed your placid verses mam. thanks for sharing...10

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Akhtar Jawad 22 October 2014

Liked the poem in the light of the Poet's Notes.

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Soulful Heart 17 October 2014

the best part is..whoever it was has bought that impulsive words that made u a better poet each time......if one has criticism for poems then believe me the poem iis worth the hurt and its this pain that triggers a new poet....

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