A Story Of The Rising Butterfly / Underneath My Chrysalis Poem by Unwritten Soul

A Story Of The Rising Butterfly / Underneath My Chrysalis

Rating: 4.2

Laying on the green leaf, left and abandoned
Be a caterpillar, never easy as u thought
Hated, oppressed are common, love is rarely brought
With friends, everywhere is like home, strong without bone
Chase away negative shadow out of sacred zone

Up to the sky, wind share stories beyond the garden
You hope to fly, discover new world heaven
Hopes given by grasshopper always make you strong
Dragonfly said, dream high, it is nothing wrong

'What joking and tricks you try to do?
Don't u realize me, a worm look like you?
Stop dreaming, we useless, nothing we can do'
But for caterpillar, everything possible to do
Worm said i can't wait to laugh at you
Smiled, caterpillar replied 'I'll prove to u'

Revolution mind trigger real evolution
Wrapped in chrysalis, carrying seed of ambition
Confidence is a key, frustration is motivation
Follow intuition, hunt for pride redemption
Just leave out your depression...

Dawn disappeared, morning taking over
It is time to hunt dreams,
Fight obstacles across the stream
Step down, you walk toward light beam
Everybody surprised almost to scream

Worm can't stop glaring and wondering
Friends sharing bliss and cheering
Wow..Wow wow beautiful, but who are you...
Caterpillar is that really you...?

Amazingly, now how beautiful you have being
Worm seems like don't believe what it just seeing
Flawless scene, rainbow lines you create wings
Caterpillar confides, this thing has a meaning
Essential thing, find yourself, not just dreaming

Thousand miles traveled, your wound now healed
Thousands flowers to meet, million pollens to breed
No more taste bitter leaves, now got free honey as a gift
Life destiny can be changed to what u wants it to be,
But you have to believe what you can be and what you want to be

Appreciate friends for support and love
Thanks to hater for hate instead of love
Because hate is hidden behind the love
In life composed of varies friends or foe
Respect them for perfectly play their roles

'...last whisper, before butterfly leaves the eggs
now u will know why butterfly(adult) leave u alone....- said wind'

: : : : : : : : : : : Theme: Courage by friend and haters: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
Friend or foe? who lift u up? the the main role is U
Thanks for each of them for their crucial roles
different...revenge is not in list....just prove who r U!

Swetha Vanakayalapati 16 July 2012

i liked the very energetic texture of this poem......loved it! !

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Willie Walker 20 February 2012

Each soul is a chrysalis, waiting for a kind word or deed to start the process of making the world a more beautiful place. You seem to be one of the folk who like to start the process. Thanks fo the wonderful read. willie

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Dead Leaf 06 April 2012


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Neela Nath Das 04 May 2012

Here in this poem the central metaphor is the rising butterfly.Great thought and nice representation.

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Valsa George 04 November 2012

Beautiful message! With positive thoughts, we can scale great heights and love is the antidote to all maladies of the world! This poem will certainly remain as a source of inspiration to many!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 09 July 2018

This poem bears positive thought and positive love through a rising butterfly intensively. The inscription is touching and amusing with a nice theme. I want to quote some lines here......... Thanks to hater for hate instead of love Because hate is hidden behind the love In life composed of varies friends or foe Respect them for perfectly play their roles Thanks for sharing for this gem.

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 December 2016

Cheering. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Simone Inez Harriman 03 March 2016

I love your poem Soul. Dreams are so important to help one fly to immense heights....10

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Frank James Davis 07 April 2013

Your poetry has dimension because you examine a subject from many angles. Like most of your work, Soul, this is a superior offering.

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Kanav Justa 29 December 2012

Your emotions too flow like a butterfly.... so much time in this poem i was filled with lots of positive energy.... story of a cattrplr to buttrfly... very encouraging

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