' Last Night Poem by Linda Ori

' Last Night

Rating: 2.9

I dreamed of you again last night
As I lay upon my bed,
A passionate, exotic dream
Unraveled in my head;

No doubt 'twas something that I ate
Just prior to retiring
That set the stage for such a dream
With all synapses firing;

I don't recall the details now
Although the warmth remains,
It must have been delicious
As this fire in my veins;

I do recall on wakening
That sleep induced caress
That suddenly released me
As I tumbled from my nest,

And much as I attempted
To resume that precious dream,
'Twas fleeting and I lost it,
Pure frustration made me scream!

I dreamed of you again last night,
It must have been exquisite -
My dream life beats reality...........
That isn't fair now, is it?


Daniel Kempson 21 October 2009

Dream on Linda they can come true 10 Daniel

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Sweet dreams.........................!

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T McH 27 October 2009

L, fantastic flow, rhyme and rhythm in a humorous yet bittersweet piece that leaves that slight sadness mixed with smiles... t x

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Meggie Gultiano 27 October 2009

I love the beginning stanza and your ending stanza, Linda.It fitted to a T in this great piece of yours.This is beautiful

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Shashendra Amalshan 22 October 2009

Again another poem filled with life..I mean true it is about a dream. But I loved the manner in which you brought your dream to life.Your opening stanza is very arresting. Kept the reader interested through out. And in a way a very amusing poem too.. t.c lv shan

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David Harris 21 October 2009

Linda, our dreams often go that way it is sad to say. Mine were always reaching for the unattainable. Top marks for this lovely poem and thanks for sharing it with us my friend. Hugs David

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