Brown Eyes

Brown eyes with sparkling light,
Standing before me just to right,
Inviting me near but not to fight,
May be closer views and clear sight,

I could see whole world in it,
Two eyes as if deem lamps lit,
Why sudden interest in me hit?
Muscled body with physique fit,

The Obsessive Agony Of Lust

Self lost in obsessive agony,  
Your primal passion - a flaming ferocity,  
The raging fire consumes your dignity,  
And shame put to slumber.

Seduced by the wayward twin of Love,  
Power of deviation subdued,  
On pathway of despair you tread:  
A burden too heavy to bear.

Deep In Love

Why I am so deep in love and called mad?
Why give people chance to call me mad?
Failure in love attempts and feel so sad,
Always get thrashing from kind dad,

It was not complicate but simple love,
Sailing on water like duck and dove,
Getting to know better of her but not to have,
Driving me crazy as she never forgave,

~ Recipe Of My First Kiss ~

Ms. Nivedita

‘Why you’,
Dame says,
‘Fear hiss
In first kiss? ’

Seasonal Cycle - Chapter 06 - Spring

"Oh, dear, with the just unfolded tender leaflets of Mango trees as his incisive arrows, and with shining strings of honeybees as his bowstring, the assailant named Vasanta came very nigh, to afflict the hearts of those that are fully engaged in affairs of lovemaking...

"Oh, dear, in Vasanta, Spring, trees are with flowers and waters are with lotuses, hence the breezes are agreeably fragrant with the fragrance of those flowers, thereby the eventides are comfortable and even the daytimes are pleasant with those fragrant breezes, thereby the women are with concupiscence, thus everything is highly pleasing...

Step Mother

Is step mother altogether different from real mother?
Every time this question emerges and bothers
Whether real or step mother the vacant place can’t be filled by others
It is woman who has heart to offer as kind feeler or soothers

It is very difficult to offer motherly affection
Hard to swallow bitterness as nothing is left for selection
One has to undergo rapid change and adjust to the situation
To share the grief even if there is real infatuation


The place like twilight
Parting between sleep and thought
Not quite across the threshold of unconsciousness
In its door way
There I stand
Allowing adventure to grand

The place where I can go
No one will know
It is thought, and I control

Slippery Ground

Heavy showers make land surface slippery,
Cautious walk with alertness and worry,
Sudden fall causes injury and makes you sorry,
While Children play in street and make it marry,

We tend to forget soon the impact of ground,
Not heeding to advice even looks sound,
In heavy rain you should avoid drive and round,
Such joy and happiness may always be not found,

Is Marriage A Forced......I

Is marriage a forced prostitution?
Or part of noble institution?
Why there be irrelevant question?
Or even stress and specific mention,

When tied a nuptial knot,
No question of no or not,
After so many wrangles fought,
Beautiful creature in vision is caught,

~ Mosaic Lingerie ~


She telephoned
Got medical report

For extramarital

Love's Logical End

No one may be able to define what is called love
Person may float on the water like dove
He may not be certain or for sure
Will that be simple attachment, sacred or pure?

Basic instinct may remind her of grave danger
She may prove honest emissary and love manager
She may rule as queen in lonely kingdom
Love may infuse new lease of life out of boredom

.... Full Collection Of Seven Deadly Sins Part 1


Straight from the gutters of hell!
She blows, sweeter than sugar
She burns, flaming desires
Consuming all our emotions
Imitating the wings of love
Exciting and breath taking
Over flowing souls with her passion
Raging with infatuation

The Poet

The riches of the poet are equal to his poetry
His power is his left hand
It is idle weak and precious
His poverty is his wealth, a wealth which may destroy him
like Midas Because it is that laziness which is a form of impatience
And this he may be destroyed by the gold of the light
which never was
On land or sea.
He may be drunken to death, draining the casks of excess
That extreme form of success.

You Are My World

As I look at the horizon
Beyond the reach of my eyes,

Your fading memories
Zoom in instantly
Into a gigantic black hole
Emerging out of nowhere

That prompt my innate urges
And the entire being

When We Make Love

Baby I lay serene beside you
the only time I feel love so true
as your skin clothe me
thoughts of pleasure run through me.

Your touch makes me all woozy
strong arms warm and cosy
your words randy and racy
things you would do to me sweet n spicy

How Love Begins And Ends

Cupid the great archer
Shoots his arrow heedless!
On some, it cuts through the heart
On some others, it only scrapes through
On a few, it misses the target

Thus love starts differently
In varying intensity
But it ends in a familiar way
In the same intensity

... Murder...A Collection Of 7 Deadly Sin

Beware simple mortals
In man's stupidity
And devils trickery
Love, lust, infatuation
Obsessions, Sadness
Intoxication, rage
Confusions, misunderstandings
Loneliness, hatred
Bitterness, revenge
Unfaith-ness, dishonesty

London Bridge

“Do I hear them? Yes, I hear the children singing—and what of it?
Have you come with eyes afire to find me now and ask me that?
If I were not their father and if you were not their mother,
We might believe they made a noise…. What are you—driving at!”

“Well, be glad that you can hear them, and be glad they are so near us,—
For I have heard the stars of heaven, and they were nearer still.
All within an hour it is that I have heard them calling,
And though I pray for them to cease, I know they never will;

The Bliss Of Absence

DRINK, oh youth, joy's purest ray
From thy loved one's eyes all day,

And her image paint at night!
Better rule no lover knows,
Yet true rapture greater grows,

When far sever'd from her sight.

Powers eternal, distance, time,

Lunatic Lover

I search for true bliss
In this absolute silence and fragile hour of life.
I lose my soul within the strong dark grasp
Full of hatred and selfish emotions.
The illuminated days of infatuation
Still tries to peek inside the closed window
Of my desolate mind,
And how I wish
To bring back those passionate moments
That made me shiver,