How Love Begins And Ends Poem by Valsa George

How Love Begins And Ends

Rating: 4.9

Cupid the great archer
Shoots his arrow heedless!
On some, it cuts through the heart
On some others, it only scrapes through
On a few, it misses the target

Thus love starts differently
In varying intensity
But it ends in a familiar way
In the same intensity

The sweetness ends
The infatuation dies

The sour taste lingers
The boredom persists!

Thursday, May 31, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: death,infatuation ,love
Tirupathi Chandrupatla 03 June 2018

I understand the grades of love and why each is so different. I hope the end is not always boredom.

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Valsa George 03 June 2018

Definitely not....! I am talking about what happens when love ends! Thank you sir!

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Robert Murray Smith 31 May 2018

Valsa, a pessimistic offering.Does love not live eternally once it is there?

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Valsa George 31 May 2018

Love has many shades. Here I am talking of romantic love induced by Cupid's arrows! If the love that began with great intensity had lasted till eternity with the same potency, how happy the world would have been! However thanks for your comment, friend!

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Mj Lemon 31 May 2019

And some throw themselves into the oncoming arrow....either the greatest decision, or a death like no other! Terrific poem, Valsa. This one goes to myfavourites.

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Kevin Patrick 03 September 2018

The opening stanza hits the mark, some fall head long into love, some just bob, and some don't get a mark. Yet all love that sizzles eventually fizzles. Even a flower must loose its luster. Great tome, many a youthful fool should read this and heed these words they would learn a thing or two. But its for youth to be fools.

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Akhtar Jawad 21 July 2018

Life is love, how it stated nobody knows, but it ends with death, we all know. Again waht after death is just a blind belief.

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Red Soul 04 July 2018

Some relationships are better if they never happened. However, some are the best things that can happen to us. I had been in both situations, thankfully the latter came after the former. A beautiful poem ma'am. I sometimes wish love wasn't as complicated as it is, but then, perhaps that is its beauty. Thanks for sharing: -)

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Valsa George 05 July 2018

Imagine if the former had come after the latter, how miserable life would have been! You are lucky that now you happen to be in a love zone where you feel most comfortable! Let it be so till the end! Thank you for your witty observations.... Red Soul!

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Susan Williams 28 June 2018

Some love affairs should never ever begin- -the trick is knowing which should be run away from before it begins. An elegant and powerful poem about love and that which masquerades as love. 10++++++ even though you made me cry

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