Unknown Poem by Howard Johnson


Rating: 4.8

The place like twilight
Parting between sleep and thought
Not quite across the threshold of unconsciousness
In its door way
There I stand
Allowing adventure to grand

The place where I can go
No one will know
It is thought, and I control
Where I rule over despair and hidden depths
Finding it filled with Ghosts, Angels,
And alluring beauity

Couriously watching
A constant parade
Filled with the choice of people
And things of the imagination.
The power that I have
Above lust and infatuation.
Will I allow myself in wishful sin
Or the innocence of, , ,
Hello, , , , I love you
And to say that without remorse or restraint
Your acceptance, taken with a smile :)

The place where I can go
Without my influence of my control
Come would you..
Come would you, , to hold my hand
Mine lock into yours,
Yours in mine
Lashing our fingers
To Feel warm connection of companionship

Touching softly is more invoking
Presenting me with the feeling of your absence.
A drifting world,
Filled with color, music and wamrth
All is left behind that can distract...
Would you come?
Come along with me...

To depths of unchanging peace..
Venture with me
To those places
where I have not yet.......

Howard Johnson

Goldy Locks 27 March 2008

very disconnected feeling thruout. which is harsh criticism, considering the nature and weight of the poem. did not keep me enthralled, in the least. had to force myself to read succeeding lines, i hate that. also, check your spelling. it's blasphemy to poetry that someone as popularly read as you on the site should have poor spelling. ~~sjg

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Shirley K.W Ka 01 April 2008

Hmm...i agree with the disconnected feeling. Nevertheless it is well placed in setting. I liked the way this poem ended, hopeful in dreams: -) .

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Jill Ferrey 01 April 2008

I enjoyed the topic of this poem very much, yet felt it extremely difficult to follow the rythm you set with your words and structure, that said, I could feel the hope in the last line of your poem, which was a nice way for it to end. All in all I really did enjoy this one, thank you for the read.

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Zarina Binda 04 April 2008

i agre the rythm was a bit hard to follow but that doesn't make the poem less lovely. just two tips: look at the word twilight and the two comas in the third-to-last para. greetings zarina

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Andrew Rose 05 April 2008

Thats really nice, its secretive. And so very well described, you can feel the affection, and i love the link to the dream world. Very well sculpted =)

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Ekaterina M. Polischuk 14 September 2012

Would you come? Come along with me... )))) nice lines.... very emotional message.... something you want to tell somebody for a long time... i like it

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Sharon Smith 21 February 2012

Nicely written Howard! ! I believe you spoke of the difference between dreaming and actually been led in a vision. Many tend to put this under the heading of 'being phychic' when many are actually being 'shown' what is too come. Dajavu is a 'feeling' of those visions coming to the surface. Even the Bible speaks of this..ie..'You speak to me in the early hours and tell me of things to come...' and..'I will send dreams and visions...'. This piece captured it well.

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Tia Maria 29 October 2008

In the sanctity of pure love... this kind of poetry is a pleasure to read.... perfect!

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Miriam Maia Padua 23 October 2008

To depths of unchanging peace.. Venture with me To those places where I have not yet....... Dreamed ...............true to your words...it's really unknown...but a very beautiful place, .the way you describe...wonderful description...wonderful poetry...very unique...

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Greenwolfe 1962 31 July 2008

This is just a wonderful piece to read. I loved every line. You didn't lose me either. That would have been easy to do here. You kept your focus. I don't know how long it took you to write this, but I would be curious to know. A wonderful thing to read. I think you might need to write a book. GW62

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