... Murder...A Collection Of 7 Deadly Sin Poem by Eyan Desir

... Murder...A Collection Of 7 Deadly Sin

Rating: 2.8

Beware simple mortals
In man's stupidity
And devils trickery
Love, lust, infatuation
Obsessions, Sadness
Intoxication, rage
Confusions, misunderstandings
Loneliness, hatred
Bitterness, revenge
Unfaith-ness, dishonesty
Greed, misfortunes
Jealousy, envy,
Anger, stress, pressure
Have all caused hands
To take away God's creation
And embrace the seed of Satan
Better known as murder.

24th August 2009 Eyan Desir
Copyright © ® Eyan desir. All rights reserved

Catrina Heart 27 August 2009

You have bombarded your short poem with the 7 deadly sins with a great powerful summed up to finale............10

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Angel OfGod 06 December 2009

If we can follow two simple commandments, love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself then erverything else falls in line.

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Tom Fox 26 September 2009

ok, that was just a bunch of powerful words blended together...no acceptance or allowance for the free-thinking humans who share this world with you...

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Zeinab Sherif 01 September 2009

more than perfect keep the awesome work up.10

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rago rago 28 August 2009

simple truth always hurt us......... this poem too..........well written....

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Lady Grace 27 August 2009

simply made poem but ther's reality in it...how to avoid these? ...don't embrace satan's seed and always keep away from devil..everybody knows what is bad or good..evevrybody knows the cause and effect...why try and get confused? ...these things you mention are avoidable..we can avoid all of these becoz we have the brain in the uppermost of our body...we shld nott let our hearts, hands, feet control our being we..we shld let our brain do it..and our brain shld have the good decisions...how to have good brains? ..hahahahahahhahaha, , , love doctor, u r nice..you know what murder is...lavs this...this work is highly appreciated..well expressed..

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