The Obsessive Agony Of Lust Poem by Chinedu Dike

The Obsessive Agony Of Lust

Rating: 4.8

Self lost in obsessive agony,  
Your primal passion - a flaming ferocity,  
The raging fire consumes your dignity,  
And shame is put to slumber.

Seduced by the wayward twin of Love,  
Power of deviation subdued,  
On pathway of despair you tread:  
A burden too heavy to bear.

Mind drowning in bitter-sweetened sensation,  
Onto elusive dream you strive to hold fast -
Which vanishes like alluring mirages in vast 
Deserts: a lethal mix of hope and anxiety.

Raving lunatic you've become
Seeking savage-desire's fulfillment:  
An ugly reflection of nature devoid of contentment.
Lust: a nightmare in the lonely bed of infatuation.

Soran M. H 10 June 2020

Metaphor, simile and deep meanings written in high poetic language, makes thinkers and intellectuals review their behaviours and personalities very often, in the light of this poem might they will criticize themselves as well. You write few poems but the quality is excellent. congratulations. it goes into my fav list 10++

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Chinedu Dike 11 June 2020

Hi Soran, thanks a million times for your insightful appraisal of the poemp Remain enriched.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 09 July 2018

It is a brilliant poem on having touching expression and nice collocation. The penmanship is touching and nice. It is a lesson to the human society. I quote....... Raving lunatic you've become, Seeking savage-desire's fulfillment: An ugly reflection of nature devoid of contentment. - a nightmare in Infatuation's phoney bed. Thanks for sharing.10

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Chinedu Dike 09 July 2018

Thanks my friend for your beautiful and insightful appraisal of the poem. Remain enriched.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 13 June 2019

Chinedu's Poet's Pen always emits power in all his creations that I have read. Yes, turns a person into raving lunatic devoid of contentment. This wonderful poem unfolds the animalistic side of a human being conveyed vividly with compelling imagery. Another powerful and perceptive write brilliantly penned.

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Rob Lamberton 31 January 2023

An excellent poem on "the wayward twin of Love" "The raging fire consumes your dignity" may our natures find true contentment.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 24 November 2022

Anyone who practices this act is devoid of manners and reason. An animal. He must seek professional help. Another brilliant work coined in a wonderful poem.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 27 April 2022

An ugly reflection of nature devoid of contentment. Lust: a bad dream in the forlorn bed of infatuation....powerful expression dear Chinedu. This poem is a great write on some burning social problems.

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 27 April 2022

This superb poem is is brilliantly and eloquently written, and has such awesome imagery.5 stars.

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Craig Moses Uche 29 December 2021

Kai! You are really teaching me how to write brother. Please do read my poems as well.

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Chinedu Dike

Chinedu Dike

Enugwu-Ukwu, Anambra State; Nigeria.
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