Lunatic Lover Poem by Indranil Bhaduri

Lunatic Lover

Rating: 4.8

I search for true bliss
In this absolute silence and fragile hour of life.
I lose my soul within the strong dark grasp
Full of hatred and selfish emotions.
The illuminated days of infatuation
Still tries to peek inside the closed window
Of my desolate mind,
And how I wish
To bring back those passionate moments
That made me shiver,
Striving to meet the longing eyes
From the corner of the half open window
And blow a kiss full of intense love!
I don't know whether
The shining picture of delicate obsession
Will ever be recreated
In the grey canvas of doom!
I shout, I cry, I scream, I try
To join the pieces of shattered dreams
Where every bit whispers with a tempestuous tale!
My heart, my soul was made for you
Long long ago!
And there I was, a fully drunken soul
With dry lips lost in the brittle glass
Of the magic potion of poisonous affection,
Wandering amidst the shady streets
In the gloomy hours of midnight.
Diving with deepest melancholy
Into the stormy seas of harsh delusion!

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri

Rumi Roy 06 September 2012

Expressive words from a broken hearted person depicted in this writing. Superby written. Great piece of poetry.

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Bob Brown 06 September 2012

Heart touching tale of a lover.

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Allemagne Roßmann 08 September 2012

Very well written Sir, , , amazing write

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Payal Parande 08 September 2012


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Kelvin Owusu 09 September 2012

This is well written, great from beginning to end possibly my fav line would be I shout, I cry, I scream, I try for me i believe that line was simple yet describes a lot. well done

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Bharati Nayak 19 August 2015

I shout, I cry, I scream, I try To join the pieces of shattered dreams- - A stunningly beautiful write on love and its craziness.

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Villiamor Calventas 19 October 2012

true love sometimes seem to be crazy more than a lunatic..we are all lunatics in the name of love... written strongly as powerful as love

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A Whisper And A Clamor 03 October 2012

Was this written for me..... The universal me Or for him Brilliant, nonetheless

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Sridatta Gupta 21 September 2012

Bang on. love the strong intonation of a lover

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Catherine Agunat 20 September 2012

Terrific. Well express poem, i love it.

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