Winter's Spell


Ended, hence, the glorious time of the sun’s lifespan,
The trees were fully clothed, in leaves
Resilient, they had sung merrily
But now, all had gone…
With deserts of sadness …..
What can a ball of cheese do?
Up from the sky…
If it cannot fill the tummy of a poor man...

A Lovers Arm

In a lovers arms
I find my calm

In a lovers arms
I reinstate my peace
With a sweet soft tender lingering kiss

In a lovers arms
My life long dreams are
Spiced up, stirred and stewed

The Earth Rolls On

Who is the young man, who stands at the dawn of the day,
And views the world with a frivolous outlook, and with ease,
He dreams, new dreams, his life years from decay,
As if the earth were his, and he had only himself to please.

Who is the middle aged man, who stands at the dawn of the day,
And views the world, with an eye of someone so unbelieving,
With stress and pressures, which weigh him down like clay,
He finds the earth to be a place that's so unforgiving.

The Conceit For Time

The Conceit For Time
February 5, 2020

Time is universal
For the universe, multiverse, superverse
And for its beings and things
But Creator is out of time concerned,
He was, is and shall be forever the same,

Three Aspects.

Three things never come back,
the lost time, the spoken word
and the departed soul.
Three things can not be
hidden long,
The sun, the moon and
the lies we tell.

Verbs come in
three tenses,

Death Of A Tear......

The fresh tear, heavy with meaning and purpose
Travels southbound upon my warm skin.
Full of reason and pain, I watch
Distracted by it's beauty
Questioning its lifespan as I do the life in my love

First it rushes with gusto, confidence
Only to slow eventually at an undefined moment
For no real reason, with no apparent explanation
(as in my love) It petered to a dribble


Lifespan veils birth, growth, and fade,
live in realm of light and shade.
Who are you? Who am I? mom!
Are we the far-off orb charm?
Are we the rivers close by?
We are earth, water, and sky.
Lifespan veils birth, growth, and fade.

The Merits Of Fasting

Fasting cleanses both body and soul
It breaks you only to make you whole
This spiritual connection plays a vital role

A month of fortitude, forbearance is a month of fasting
Intended to impart a self-control and patience that's everlasting

Many religions do prescribe it
The fasting one will describe it
If you've never done it

A Lifespan

At the blinked of your innocent eyes
You see the kind of world you are in
Living through all the varied adventures
Life has become a challenge to indulge

At the touched of your innate senses
You feel the kind of world you deal with
Lingering through all the secular adversities
Life has become a maze of imperfections

The Brightest Hour In A Day

Our existence is finite

as lifespan is limited

and short like a day

Chances we rush in life

Birthday Note

Birthday Note


Days may pass soon
and you shall see the hot noon
the evening may seem pleasant
and there shall be the cool moon

Male Domination And

Male domination and
Saturday,6th October 2018

Not only they are men and women
but very good human beings too 
committed to helping each other 
with honesty and good offers 

neither you can imagine
nor thought can be given 

Soul Is Eternal

Soul's existence is eternal,
This is metaphysical entity,
Eyes are parts of our material body,
Eyes can only see matters,
Not the metaphysical things,
If we were having metaphysical eyes,
Then we would become able to see soul.
In this sense soul is invisible to our eyes.

Even fine body of human being after death,

How To Tackle The People

How we tackle people

Sunday, March 18,2018
7: 07 PM

I am character
A stage actor
Who lives with honor
And creates no terror

I Am....?

I wake from sound-sleep
Nobody notices me, even a green leaf!
'Good Morning, the glorious sun
Bless my day with full of funs
A brave spirit, will you lend? '

I'll talk with my small tooth
'My cubbyhole can never be removed
Without my might which is confused! '
I dare to yell in chain synonyms

An Ode To Life

O to die old man, tasks left un-leaven,
To return— a fake coin to this planet;
Work harder, yet more mileage points to earn
That heaven calls goodly deeds done to date,
To repeat not life's careless omissions,
Careful avoiding sinful commissions,
Grow up again, relearning things learnt ere,
Suffer old age again, same helplessness,
Same hassles of life, all of its bugbear,
Begin and end with diapers no less.


Watching this wonderful universe
And comparing cosmic time period,
Human lifespan on Earth is nothing,
This is mo, of course mo we feel,
A person hardly lives sixty to eighty
Or in more ninety to hundred years,
But trillions of years pass here.

As compared to trillions in sense,
Hundred years of lifespan is nothing,


A whole nation yearned
And still hopelessly yearns
For your return
An unrealistic dream
If human lifespan is any frame

We had many wishful rumours
You were alive somewhere
You will again return
On an auspicious morn

When We Have Served Our Purpose And Played Our Roles

The gumamela tree is gone, cut down
Along with the few coconut trees
That stood in the front and back yard of our home
For many years they stood, enduring the whims of nature
And the fickle mood of weather that changes now and then
Now only the stumps are left of themsmall parts of what used to betrees standing upright under the rain and the sun
Their life is over when we decided to cut them down
They have outgrown their usefullness and are no longer needed
The coconut trees grew taller in height and their leaves got in the way

Decent Farewell

Decent farewell

Tuesday,5th June 2018

Why is burial must?
if you believe in tradition and trust
why are the religion rituals aim at decent farewell?
is the soul going to witness the final journey?

whatever he or she did during the lifespan