Netaji Poem by Madathil Rajendran Nair


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A whole nation yearned
And still hopelessly yearns
For your return
An unrealistic dream
If human lifespan is any frame

We had many wishful rumours
You were alive somewhere
You will again return
On an auspicious morn
That marks victory of good over evil
To lead us in our hopeless struggle

Our walls adorned your visage
Bespectacled, untouched by age
The burning eyes under an upheld forehead
Setting afire our nationalistic pride

That you had vanished
Without leaving any trace
Stories of your heroic escapades
No doubt kept your legend green

That you didn’t return to be sullied
Like other leaders who dirtied
Their repute by playing court
To the damsels of power and politics
Sustained your pristine purity

India is an inveterate nation
That believes in rebirth
Lifespans do not concern us
So your return has always been certain

Or you are already there
Tell me please
Which hut on this vast land of ours
Now cradles you, Netaji?
My ears are pining for your cry -
The war-cry - before my old frame caves in
For our shattered dreams to gather around
And whirl a twister all across the land

Please don’t make this dream go vain
Wishful thinking again
Can’t a whole nation’s desire
Move huge mountains aside?

Return please to our side
In whatever form you decide
To an unlucky nation that is accustomed
To weave and cling to impossible dreams

Monday, April 13, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: romanticism
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's dramatic disappearance during WW II is known to one and all. Two of the three inquiry commissions set up by the Government of India concluded that he passed away in a plane crash. The third, it is said, had a different view, details of which are not known. There is a hidden, secret, romantic yet unrealistic hope in every Indian mind that their hero will return one day although he would be 118 now. Why a whole Nation keeps feeding on this dream is a real baffle. Perhaps, reason can be attributed to their post-independence travails, insecurity and a sense of having been taken for a ride. This poem tries to look at the Netaji enigma, now that he is once again in the news and hitting headlines.
Denis Mair 04 June 2016

It is quite a vision to look for SHATTERED DREAMS TO GATHER AROUND/ AND WHIRL A TWISTER ALL ACROSS THE LAND, in hopes that your statesman will RETURN.../ TO AN UNLUCKY NATION THAT IS ACCUSTOMED/ TO WEAVE AND CLING TO IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS. That fate did not allow the great statesman to show his full promise leaves people with lingering regrets. This makes me curious to read his biography.

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Rajesh Thankappan 18 April 2015

In this poem you have very brilliantly brought out the hope and strife that every patriotic Indian hold dear to his heart. But as you have pointed out, it is highly improbable that he shall return back to us and so let us hope that at least the real story behind his disappearance is impartially investigated and made public.

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Valsa George 15 April 2015

This is an amazing write! The mysterious disappearance of Netaji has spawned very many rumours! We are still in the dark as to what happened to him! For a long time after his disappearance, people doubted if was still alive. But about the fact that he was one of India's greatest heroes, no one has any grain of doubt! Enjoyed this wonderful tribute to a proud son of India! 10+++

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Tushar Ray 15 April 2015

A powerful poem expressing the deep love and sentiment of a whole nation towards a national hero, Nataji (Subhas Ch. Bose) , unparalleled in the history of modern India, whose demise remains an enigma. In India it is widely believed that Netaji will be reborn some place in India to lead our nation again. The poet thus appeals to Netaji’s soul to come back in our lifetime. Poet’s heartbreaking appeal, “Or you are already there Tell me please Which hut on this vast land of ours Now cradles you, Netaji? My ears are pining for your cry – “For this highly commendable poem I give - - 10.

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 14 April 2015

Or you are already there Tell me please... Nicely stated. Netaji is someone who would come if he could. He always dared to explore even in impenetrable places. Beautiful poem to bring out the realities. Thank you.

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Kee Thampi 14 April 2015

We want a right leader to lead India to INDIA

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