A Lifespan Poem by Marvin Brato Sr

A Lifespan

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At the blinked of your innocent eyes
You see the kind of world you are in
Living through all the varied adventures
Life has become a challenge to indulge

At the touched of your innate senses
You feel the kind of world you deal with
Lingering through all the secular adversities
Life has become a maze of imperfections

At the thought of your curious mind
You discover the kind of world you live in
Searching through all those aged mysteries
Life has become a myriad of clever revelations

But as there is a beginning there also an end
To all the firsts times that you do and experience
As life is filled with complexities that made existence
It is apparent that such eventually will come to a dead end


Philosophical, & erudite expression, Marvin...Job well done. ~ FjR ~

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 09 March 2008

i wanted a longer lifespan..............

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ZEN POEM 11 March 2008

the Essence of Mind enlightenment Buddhahood

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Melvin Banggollay 11 March 2008

Great poem from the blink of your keen eyes. thanks for sharing this. best wishes, melvin

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I feel that this is one of your best yet. t x

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upendra majhi 25 April 2019

good poem. life has become complex too.

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Mountain Man 03 February 2019

Great poem here Very well written

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Raj Nandy 06 June 2008

You know Marvin, majority of folks are more worried to find out about their life's span, than trying to enjoy this God given life and be helpful to other! - Raj Nandy

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Coreena Dejesus 16 March 2008

Keep inking them this one is very well written you are a great poet!

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Thad Wilk 11 March 2008

Solid penning Marvin, a brilliant write indeed! ! ! *10*! ! Thanks for sharing! ! Friend Thad

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Marvin Brato Sr

Marvin Brato Sr

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