A Lovers Arm Poem by Sylvia Chidi

A Lovers Arm

Rating: 5.0

In a lovers arms
I find my calm

In a lovers arms
I reinstate my peace
With a sweet soft tender lingering kiss

In a lovers arms
My life long dreams are
Spiced up, stirred and stewed
Heated up with fascination
Grilled with imagination
Till they virtually become true
during our loving lifespan duration

In a lovers arms
My questions are answered
Answers to unanswered questions can wait
It is not a question of now or never
It is a question of how to make
This sweet moment last forever

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi


Cj Heck 18 November 2005

A lovely heart-felt tribute, Sylvia. Warmest regards, CJ

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Aaron Rigodon 18 November 2005

a great and powerful poem!

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Scarlett Treat 18 February 2006

What a WARM loving poem for this icy cold winter day. Made me feel love all over.

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Aldo Kraas 22 March 2007

This poem is almost like a song

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Melvina Germain 09 May 2007

A loving and peaceful poem, 'In a lovers arm' calming indeed. Excellent poem sylvia--Melvina--

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Heather Wilkins 04 December 2014

in a lovers arms my questions are answered a great poem

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Guy Dimitri Jagodinski 15 October 2013

Excellent read. Well written. How secure we are in our lovers arms.

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*Trusting You* 23 December 2008

It is not a question of now or never It is a question of how to make This sweet moment last forever dead on... this is perfect! ! ! great job. Crystal

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Sid John Gardner. 21 December 2008

Sylvia you have produced a gourmets delight through your poetry.A dish fit for a Princess.AND her Prince to enjoy.Keep on cooking. Kann eine man hier ein taxi standt fur ein besuche nach Deutchland jetz befinden? Entschuldigung mein Deutch is sehr schlecht.Berlin in 2009 komme ich auch.. Sid xxx

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Sherif Monem 09 November 2008

great refreshing poems.

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