Four Liners-51-60 Poem by Indira Renganathan

Four Liners-51-60

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51 Ox

Any male bovine is an ox that is domesticated and used for work
Usually mature males that are castrated are trained for heavy work
Oxen are herbivores that eat only plants, grains, and grasses
Also called a bullock, oxen have a lifespan of twenty years

52 Turmeric

Native to Southeast Asia turmeric is a plant in the ginger family
Its underground stem the rhizome is used as a spice in culinary
Turmeric is used in traditional Indian and Chinese medical systems
It cures many diseases especially the skin and stomach problems

53 Swan

An aquatic large bird the swan is all beauty, elegance, and grace
Swans feed in water on fish and insects and on land tender plants
Swan has a long flexible neck, broad bill, short legs and webbed feet
Of different colours and types their mythological part is also great

54 Mango

So inviting the tree, its leaves and their changing colours from brown to green
The flowers and their smell indicating the lofty fruitful mango season..
Mangoes galore all around. Five thousand years ago in India first grown
Rich with vitamin C mangos are much sought for medicine and tasty cuisine

55 Worm

Worms typically have an elongated, tubelike body often without appendages
Worms are wide found in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial habitats
Worms are cold-blooded animals with no arms, legs or eyes
Worms are of countless species and are important as soil conditioners

56 Prairie

Prairies are flat, fertile lands dominated by grasses
They are of three kinds..tallgrass, mid-grass and shortgrass prairies
The soil underneath the prairie is a dense tangle of roots and bulbs
Prairies in general are otherwise known worldwide as grasslands

57 Lightning

Lightning primarily occurs when warm air is mixed with colder air masses
Lightning is of three kinds.. within a single cloud (intra-cloud)
Between two clouds(cloud-to-cloud) and between cloud and ground(cloud to ground)
Lightning produces molecules that clean atmospheric Greenhouse gases

58 Thunder

Thunder is created when lightning passes through the air
Depending upon the distance and nature of the lightning
It can be a long, low rumble to a sudden loud beating
Three minutes of our exposure can cause damage to the inner-ear

59 Lemon

Known for its high vitamin C lemon is a very healthy citrus fruit
Lowering blood lipid and blood pressure it helps the health of the heart
Lemons are so popular and are profusely used as medicine and in cuisine
Lemons are a hybrid between bitter orange and the original tree citron

60 Flood

A flood is an overflow of water that submerges land
Heavy rainfall, rapid snowmelt or a storm surge causes flood
Flash floods, coastal floods, and river floods are some kinds
Flash floods are the most dangerous kind with destructive speed

Anil Kumar Panda 05 July 2023

Each one has its unique characteristic. Beautifully done. Enjoyed reading. Thanks.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 07 July 2023

I always like your four liners. They impart so much knowledge and presented succinctly. Thank you for sharing, Indira.

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Nabakishore Dash 07 July 2023

Thanks for the beautiful lines that added to my information Revered Mam.

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Kesav Venkat Easwaran 06 July 2023

All poem pieces are nice. Interesting to read : )

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Dr Dillip K Swain 06 July 2023

Excellent series of four-liners dear madam! Appreciated.

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Ricky M 05 July 2023

I see their features in their words. Briilant poem. Full Appluase.

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