Death Of A Tear...... Poem by karen sinclair

Death Of A Tear......

Rating: 4.9

The fresh tear, heavy with meaning and purpose
Travels southbound upon my warm skin.
Full of reason and pain, I watch
Distracted by it's beauty
Questioning its lifespan as I do the life in my love

First it rushes with gusto, confidence
Only to slow eventually at an undefined moment
For no real reason, with no apparent explanation
(as in my love) It petered to a dribble
And unaware of it's poignance

It died......


Excellent poem. Very moving.

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Scotty Dogg 20 July 2012

The poem reminds of a tear. Really nice one here Karen! Beautiful. S.

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Valerie Dohren 21 July 2012

Beautiful and very inspired Karen.

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Christopher Tye 25 July 2012

Very nice poem, as fleeting as a tear

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Heather Wilson 26 July 2012

Such a clever write, I now feel sad for one died,

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Ruth Walters 27 June 2015

A beautiful and emotional poem with feelings that seem to tighten the throat in an agonising grip.

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Smoky Hoss 26 June 2014

A beautiful poem, of an amazing depth.

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Ruth Walters 20 August 2012

Teardrops are to be treasured as is this poem depicting your emotion and your broken heart for without teardrops how would we release the pain, that awful, aching, pain.

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Chijioke Akujuobi 30 July 2012

Impressive... so much emotions in one tear!

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Tiger Lily Love 28 July 2012

very moving poem! The way you describe the tear and its path...just wow

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