The Merits Of Fasting Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

The Merits Of Fasting

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Fasting cleanses both body and soul
It breaks you only to make you whole
This spiritual connection plays a vital role

A month of fortitude, forbearance is a month of fasting
Intended to impart a self-control and patience that's everlasting

Many religions do prescribe it
The fasting one will describe it
If you've never done it
you might want to try it

Donot complain if your tummy's rumbling grumbling
for the poor man has always thus been starving!

Now not only the wearer knows how the shoe pinches
for we get the chance to be in the needy's shoes
A whole month to forget any addictive binges
A chance to comprehend the poor man's cues

Feel his hunger, feel for him
and side by side give your weight a trim
For most people, don't they wish to be slim?

We all need ketosis, to get rid of the lipids, fat stores
And researcher Google just told me that's what fasting ensures.

Craving for eatables the belly though may be so raging
Yet scientists have proved that produces a substance for anti-aging! !

So if you're interested in a healthier longer lifespan
come join me and fast away this month of Ramazan
and it's time we understood God's great health plan.

Researchers say the fasting person diverts energy
from the digestive system to the immune system
Every religious duty's been proved good for both soul and body
Surf even Google for yourself to appreciate the fasting dictum.

Fasting's a perfect way too of body detoxification
Researchers state it's notable how it detoxifies each organ.

So come one, come all, fasting can be for any creed
It lowers the B.P, and lowers the greed
as attention is diverted from the self to those in need.

A month of no daytime food to give us much food for thought
For a fasting from eating and not from pondering, Islam ever sought.


Jahan Zeb 15 July 2013

Ramazan Mubarak and Congratulations for such a marvelous creation. You did it wonderfully well. I love the month. It takes me nearer and nearer to Allah. Thank you very much Zaynub.

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Sallam Yassin 16 July 2013

the Excellence of Ramadan and excellence of your poem are feast for soul and body well done wish u the bless of Allah in the month and after

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Khairul Ahsan 17 July 2013

The good effects of fasting, apart from its religious rewards, have been very well explained in this poem.

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Yasmin Khan 18 July 2013

Fasting purifies our soul and earns forgiveness and bliss from Almighty, nicely written with devotion and love.

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Laurie Van Der Hart 13 May 2017

A really interesting poem, Zaynab. I have tried fasting before and I think it's really good, just as you say. Maybe I will try it again. It takes a lot of self control. What are the spiritual benefits? By the way, are you the lady in Tanzania that used to go under the name Lunarlover Lunarlover?

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Yes I'm that lady pal, yeah there are lots of spiritual benefits of tasting, from self control to purification of soul from worldly and materialistic pleasures to a lovely peace of mind, body and soul in combo. Take care.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 23 August 2013

Fasting the month of ramadan or a month for jashn (Feast) for the holy Quran conferred o this world it got both scientific as well religious value and you brought such a lovely poem about it marvel

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Heather Wilkins 06 August 2013

a good poem on fasting. a good lesson for all of us to learn.

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Hezekiah Toheeb Tiamiyu 04 August 2013

hmm..wat should. I say, Fantastic! ! ! ..... If you v never done it, you might want to try it....beautiful work

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Hasnain Aaqib 28 July 2013

you have honestly carried out your responsibility of giving a health message of observing fasts. Nice poetic work. hasnain

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