I Am....? Poem by Eindaray Kyaw

I Am....?

Rating: 5.0

I wake from sound-sleep
Nobody notices me, even a green leaf!
'Good Morning, the glorious sun
Bless my day with full of funs
A brave spirit, will you lend? '

I'll talk with my small tooth
'My cubbyhole can never be removed
Without my might which is confused! '
I dare to yell in chain synonyms
'Oh, I am a dutiful citizen! '

I save my own ration
That is grown from all directions!
No lazy soul would be allowed
If so, I'll miss a perfect crown
Just die and decay in the ground!

If the wind of danger begins to blow
Like falling down are big, huge snow!
I'll snap-decide to run away
But, I won't try to cry and pray
Instead, practise more how to be brave!

During a short lifespan
I'll shuttle a lot for numerous lands
Can I be steadfast till the end?
Don't smile and laugh my words of grunt
Coz I am a little ant! !

Ellias Anderson Jr. 26 September 2012

Good, good and good! ! ! really well done! really well done.! You have made a green nature in my mind by your work. an accede to the energy again well done

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Nader Baheri 27 September 2012

nice work. what a beautiful ending.it made me surprised.i love the forth part when the ant wouldnt pray and run away mucha gracias for sharing cheers

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Sunny Rose 27 September 2012

instead practised more to be brave that really good and motivating

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Asif Andalib 27 September 2012

Good poem. Thanks for sharing

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Floy Dy Ra Aka Floyd Floydson 27 September 2012

you have a lot of humor - and got a nice ink - please tell us some more - for example how an ant thinks - or what language they speak - and how it sounds - hope for more nice stories - you did well and profound: =)

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Eleven Lin 03 November 2012

Full of wonderful imagination! I really like your simple and clean writting style.

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Ketan Hukare 06 October 2012

May be you r an ant but the thoughts, they all touch heaven! Wonderful! Awesome!

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Allemagne Roßmann 28 September 2012

Superb, outstanding, fantastic, mindblowing....it is really many adjectives being failure to measure the beauty and style you write in

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Aung Si 27 September 2012

Really interesting poem! When I start to read your poem, I can't see who u are.But in the end, I get it u are just an ant.Well done! ! ! !

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Payal Parande 27 September 2012

fantastic...love it love payal

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