A Little Girl Lost

Abandoned to sadistic streets,
A school room of sullen tears,
A little girl lost beneath
A blanket of rejection and fears
Moves slowly through
The lonely night;
The effects of drugs
Are wearing off…

And dawn has no promise

War Is A Vicious Cycle

Civil Wars, World Wars
Mass Killings, Killing Fields
Genocide, Terrorism
War is inevitable
There are a lot of evil people.

Hitler, Pol Pott
Mao Zedong, Hirohito
Bin Laden, Stalin
Saddam Hussein, Lenin

States Of Mind


I felt frustrated
As I saw you
Walking down the road
With the handsome man,
My best friend
Once upon a time.
I still feel the pain
When you ignored my love,

Color Blind…

Eyes color blind shut irritant to light,
egoistic visions blur the brain,
deter the mind from appreciating the virtues
in others, in the blessed environs

A disease diagnosed easily by wisdom minds
The symptoms of hurting sadistic deeds and words
Ere restoring brightness to shut out unopened eyes,
Cure Divine may enlighten darkened minds

Going Mad

The only way i am truly at peace is when i watch the blood flow
dark, thick, warm & flowing, even gushing
from my arms or the throat of another
relieving the pain for now
hands are stained in red again
the only way a sadistic mind functions is by watching others fail
the only real remedy. this is all i ever knew. too different for the others to conceive
every one says......One day you will hit rock bottom
I never hit it, i was born there
don't remember me

Sextuple Senryu For Artificial Things

Artificial breaths,
Like mimicking feelings of
Love with empty souls,

Artificial love,
Like sex mimics of drugged, raped
Girls, being in chains,

Artificial sex,
Like mimicking life in the

The Telly Trouble


What kids are watching on telly
are crimes and crimes in all variety!

Crimes of hate
crimes of passion
acting it out at shocking rate
thinking in some wild fashion
then ending up cell mates!

Your Trace From Anyer To Ujung Kulon

I traced the road where you live and I didn't find the presence of your trace there
From Anyer to Ujung kulon, there were no remain about you
It's not even 1 year since the tsunami hit the north coast of Banten on there
It's not even 6 months pandemics yet to hit this country—like gold and diamond bijou

Scratches and cracks in the ground along with the scars of nature's wrath are still clearly visible in there
2 days in October 2020 when there were insulation everywhere from Jakarta to Ujung Kulon, my old friend and I tried to find traces of nature and His majesty but Neither I find you

Beautiful Creatures

The soil which we plant our seeds
beautifully dangerous, remarkable creatures
strangely complicated, a delicate rare breed
shelters, nurturers, the definition of strength and warmth
crazy-sadistic, seductive-angelistic beings

Women, all one of a kind
incredible, intellectual, beyond and between the lines
pain and hardship they endure
apologies that at times we're blind

The Traffic Sheep~

It can be in the roll of the dice - oh happy day! ! !
As in, perhaps, more than one address...
Anyway you look - it is a huge gamble...
When speaking of Pamela and this filthy mess;

Mending will not make your operation stable
Needle and thread only holds for just so long -
Weaving your way with more deception...
Is simply a repeat of all the old WRONGS;

A Dreadful Day

Have you ever walked on a sea of sand?
And thought it broken glass?
Have you left your heart in a barren land?
And be haunted by the past?

Have you ever smiled at something blue?
And be drenched by pouring rain?
Have you ever felt love close to you?
And be seared with white-hot pain?

Awakening Sonja~

Through her obvious and smug delight of face
We see through her sheer floral embroidered lace;
She is still such a true sadistic fool
Unsound & unwound - her thread bearing spool;
Let it be noted - all shall not be well
For you see distraction's are commonplace in the bowels of Hell;


Crimson eyes awaken,
as the smell of blood arouses,
I lie in turmoil wondering what has been,
yet I already know.....

I sit on the edge of my bed,
yet it feels like reality,
I know this must be a dream,
yet this one suits me pleasantly,

Written Word~

Common sense has taken it's leave - it seems
The brazen have lost all self control...
Shooting their poison arrows into our face's
With the continuation of an EVIL witches role;

She is the wicked's messenger of today (spokeswoman)
Her sadistic - anal retentive mind simply glows
All information is gleaned by the bad and the good...
As the witch with thread and needle continues to sew;

The Women

She is that seed,
which bore this humongous tree, and,
also the keeper who drained out her riches to all;
And we awarded her with blames of providing less.

She is that firefly, who,
although had been confined to her cage,
continued the lightening up of her world.

She is that road,

Looking Machine

That's what I call the ones like you
That's sick. So disgusting. How can she? Why would she?
All those demonic tattoo's up and down her arms. A pentagram displayed as a portrait on her entire back. How did a lady like this even come to be?
The strength one can draw from the negativities from other's is wonderfully sadistic. So artistic. I would have it no other way.
This is me. Every tattoo is a permanent representation of my own trials, troubles, struggles, and memories. Proudly I wear them through this life. And proudly I will wear them through many more.
Stare. Say what you may. Hate me from afar. Despise me up close. So mechanical in all your ways.
PLEASE. For the sake of utter hate.
Get a Life.
Being a Looking Machine for life is a truly Pathetic fate

The Monster~

Her mind is a twisted mass of 'steel grey'
Some who know her say that she is quite peculiar
Her surroundings are embellished in mud and grime
It is her fervent aim to be a supreme ruler;

Ah, to control us like marionettes, once again...
Using the same SALT - the rabbit's once ate
Manipulation sans the pantry flour & table sugar
She uses familiar white borne of a heart filled with hate;


Born for necessity
Born for another’s greed. Another’s need
Stuck here now in limbo
Hating me. Hating you
Hurting me. Can’t you see?
Alone I am. Alone I shall be
No world or realm is ready for me
Blood drops to the floor. Bearing the scars of sickness and pain
With this lifeless body only your bank account will gain
Pictures were turned over so many years before


Chimera knows about the dark side of the moon
Chimera knows many incantations
Chimera knows evil like the back of her hand
Chimera knows sadistic and savagery raise her
Chimera knows toxic pleases her
Chimera knows destruction is her favorite compulsion
Chimera knows that all the good desserts she prepares
Are best served up cold
Chimera's cheesecake is KILLER
Yes, Chimera knows

A Short History Of Pain

No dream
could ever be
as sadistic as
the swift brutal pain
known as love.

Falling in love
often results
in radioactive dreams