The Telly Trouble Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

The Telly Trouble

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What kids are watching on telly
are crimes and crimes in all variety!

Crimes of hate
crimes of passion
acting it out at shocking rate
thinking in some wild fashion
then ending up cell mates!

When kids watch their movie heroes
shoot down people with the gun
they are incited to do the same
to achieve some thrill and fun.

When they see their very film star
slash someone's throat in a fit of anger
they think well of crimes of rage
and plunge everybody else into danger.

The tendency to portray the violent scene
luridly and shockingly on the Big Screen

Ah even for the small screen, tis the gory
that makes for the dark and thrilling story.

Now that technology's long opened this pandora's box
the dispersal of amplified social ills ain't no hoax

The rowdy hoodlums and reckless gangsters
are simply by-products of Tv influences
The world watches the thriving of the bully-boy pranksters
passively in helpless terror of their offences.

It's all portrayal of the vulgar, the obscene
by that devious Silver Screen

And the horror movie
though it may seem groovy
begets the horrendous
and drills evil thoughts subliminally
into the subconscious!

It's an unrestrained dark faking
of real life reality exaggerating

Whether it's Bollywood in the East
or it's Hollywood in the West
they don't merely impart tactics of defence
but rather those of aggressive offence

Viewing those gruesome swashbuckling films
gives rise to morbid sadistic whims

Flipping through the TV channels
just ponder if the telly's the perfect channel
of information is it a proper panel?

Dad always tells me, 'fear ye the roaches' flicking antennae?
While you oughtta fear the influence
of 'em' flickering images by dish antennae'.

Then a mere single merit that I dug
as I drank cappucino in my mug
that atleast one couldn't live in a bubble
daily watching the bubblebug.

Ah but then tougher gun laws couldn't halt
even underage shooting sprees
Rather it's stringent scanning of Tv content
that might make it all cease

Parental supervision too tis gravely essential
Should've been of parental code quintessential

So the next time you catch your teen
absorbed and engrossed while glued to the screen
Just sleuth a bit just to make sure
that for the x-rated he's not too keen!

Ellias Anderson Jr. 16 December 2012

This is a real super master piece.! ! ! wow, your work is really perfect. every one should read this art. well done.

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Dave Walker 16 December 2012

A great poem, somethings on telly can be really bad for your kids.

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Tribhawan Kaul 17 December 2012

. The fare dish out by the Telly is really telling upon the minds of our teens. Since it can not be wished away in the age of internet, some sort of censorship is desired by the Govt. and control by the parents. A thought provoking poem.

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Xelam Kan™ 17 December 2012

a splendid discourse..... didactic in nature but well versed...few good lines and phrases like..... and drills evil thoughts subliminally into the subconscious! ...... Now that technology's long opened this pandora's box the dispersal of amplified social ills ain't no hoax....... infact his is the hoax that spoil the vry nature of innocent being....... beyond its poetic worth this piece of writing will turn our fellow poet's attention to address and pen such critical issues that slowly poisoning our generations.........

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Darkangel Flyfree 17 December 2012

Ah so true how much tv and video games can influence a child so much! Terrific poem here! ! !

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Marilyn Lott 13 August 2014

This is so true and a sign of the times. Excellent work.

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Lyn Paul 27 June 2014

Excellent write. Loved it. Too many ideas given to viewers with all of these crime programs.Thank you

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Colin Bradley 20 March 2013

Well said I agree 100%

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 23 January 2013

Both kevin n ruth do take note dat Tv is part of a series of cultural probs dat turn out juvenile delinquents. There r other factors n causes for them too.

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Ruth Walters 23 January 2013

My opinion is that if children / teens are properly brought up (and I've brought up two who are now in their 30's) , if they are grounded and know right from wrong, are taught empathy and compassion for others then there is no need to censor T.V. as they'll know themselves what is 'just TV' and what isn't and if my two ever felt frightened or disturbed by what they viewed we'd always discuss it together. Sometimes I'd say if I was horrified by a particularly nasty programme but there was nothing that we couldn't talk over and they themselves would censor their own TV. I hasten to add they have both turned out very sensible and level headed adults, one with a family of his own now.

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