The Monster~ Poem by Theodora (Theo) Onken

The Monster~

Rating: 5.0

Her mind is a twisted mass of 'steel grey'
Some who know her say that she is quite peculiar
Her surroundings are embellished in mud and grime
It is her fervent aim to be a supreme ruler;

Ah, to control us like marionettes, once again...
Using the same SALT - the rabbit's once ate
Manipulation sans the pantry flour & table sugar
She uses familiar white borne of a heart filled with hate;

Her insane drive for power - resides still in the 'Tower'
Her fetish for 'eyes' is ever the same
A 'Daffodil Planter' - with a cutting banter...
Could she be the Mad Witch of Notre Dame?

Watch her carefully 'conjure' in her filthy quarters
A slate grey - a hex - a suffering sadistic curse
Her name is 'Senna' but we call her Medusa...
She is' The Pandora's Box of ill fated verse! ! ! ! ! ;

By, Theodora Onken

November 12,2013

Dedicated to: E.M.B.

This is a write about a bitter woman whose whole life or nearly most of it has been built around underhanded illegal control of and victimization of other people and their property. Her words, are still offensive to those who know what she is really writing about.She flaunts her duality - two sides, one a so called artist of words and art? ? ? ? ? - the other - criminal all of the way.
A woman who has caused great suffering for many! ! ! ! !

Theodora Onken 16 November 2013

David, couldn't agree more. In a world where there are so many kind hearted souls - it troubles us no end to be on the other end of underhanded criminal actions. Makes you wonder if they were even brought up and if so by who and what were the know - moral character and honor for fellow man?

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David Wood 16 November 2013

Every dog has its day and every witch's dreams will go awry.

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