Disappear Poem by neo riddick


Rating: 5.0

Born for necessity
Born for another’s greed. Another’s need
Stuck here now in limbo
Hating me. Hating you
Hurting me. Can’t you see?
Alone I am. Alone I shall be
No world or realm is ready for me
Blood drops to the floor. Bearing the scars of sickness and pain
With this lifeless body only your bank account will gain
Pictures were turned over so many years before
Spawn from a demon. I was meant to be ignored.
Stepping back from all is what I do
Taking it all in. I was born into sin
That is where it all began
Swimming along with all the misery and pointless knowledge I gained
Turing my pictures over for the sadistic needs of yourself
A dead nothing. A nothing to be forgotten. Never remembered.
See me. Pity me. Paying my debts to show a false friendship
Telling another of my so called acts of sin only shows a Lack of concern for my life
Proud of the fact that my only release is a blood stained knife
This is it. This is all. Never ever will another know my misery and pain
Words flow like fierce ocean waves
The time is soon
This life is a just a deposit slip

Megan Catala 29 November 2009

so impressed with the amount of emotion you put into words. The last line is perfect.

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