Your Trace From Anyer To Ujung Kulon Poem by Ayatullah Nurjati

Your Trace From Anyer To Ujung Kulon

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I traced the road where you live and I didn't find the presence of your trace there
From Anyer to Ujung kulon, there were no remain about you
It's not even 1 year since the tsunami hit the north coast of Banten on there
It's not even 6 months pandemics yet to hit this country—like gold and diamond bijou

Scratches and cracks in the ground along with the scars of nature's wrath are still clearly visible in there
2 days in October 2020 when there were insulation everywhere from Jakarta to Ujung Kulon, my old friend and I tried to find traces of nature and His majesty but Neither I find you
It's strange, is it true that your trance is stuck on a coconut tree or is it close to child of krakatoa mountain? or is there really no where
There is no shadow of you there to the point that I want to visit the Ujung Kulon, but it is not available, there are not you

You are like a genie who comes and goes as she pleases like Covid that is there but not visible, invisible but real kills directly to venipuncture
Even I feel more sadistic than Covid 19, can numb my feelings and soul anytime when I think of you
Alas, I think I'm tired just thinking about that and that, I thought you were just a miniature
instead of having to be hit by a pandemic and contracting a deadly virus because of thinking about you

There is not you There
Ayatullah Nurjati 11 October 2021

Thank you Mrs. Sylvia for your compliment. I don't think I deserve the status of a poet. Some day if you come to Jakarta, Please Contact me and I will meet you

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 October 2021

2) I like this story poem very much, at the least I was born in Jakarta. Though residing in The Netherlands, I still know all the places'names you mentioned here. Very fascinating prose poem, dear Poet!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 October 2021

This poem truly mesmerizes me! 5 Stars full for all the precise and detailed rendering.Truly beautifully and very touching worded.

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